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    I would use keyword detection since the characters are Korean Or human verification

    vBulletin 4 allowed you to prevent spam via multiple vectors. It had:
    1. Human Verification.
    2. Post Filtering via Akismet
    3. Email blocking.
    4. IP Address Blocking.
    5. Keyword Censorship.
    6. Global Ignore.
    7. Automatic User Moderation at registration.
    8. Usergroup promotions to moderate content created by new users.
    9. Infractions to censure and/or ban users for violating site rules.
    10. and there were additional tools via third-party add-on products.

    In addition to those features vBulletin 5 has more anti-spam tools available to the administrator. These include:
    1. Up to date Recaptcha v2 Human Verification.
    2. Registration filtering via StopForumSpam
    3. Built-in keyword detection.
    4. Link counting to detect spam.
    5. and Enhanced permissions.

    In vBulletin 5.5.4 (coming out soon), the system also has the ability to flag keywords and notify site staff about their use. This can be used to flag important keywords on the site, to track potential spam, or both. It will also support IPv6 addresses.

    Using all of these tools provides the site own with an arsenal to protect against spam. However, it will take vigilance on the site administrator's part and their staff. The tools are there to help you make things easier but for every tool we create or add, people out there are selling a tool to spammers to help them get around it.