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Chargers played a sick game

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  • Chargers played a sick game

    Flat out beat us in all facets but we may not face a better opponent all year. They lost a lot of close games. Much better then their record. Hopefully we don't have to play them again. We'll take something from this game tho. We have to sure up the run and make teams beat us thru the air

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    Props. They played about as close to flawless as we'll get. However, we need to be able to handle this sort of game. Even if we pull our **** together in january lets just say, Seattle play exactly that way.


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      Agreed, that was a sobering ass kicking tonight.


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        They are gonna let us down again. Hope I am wrong.............


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          Make a new thread for everytime you have a thought. ffs.


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            We got outplayed. Who would have thought that Caldwell would have two TDs tonight, instead of Decker, or either of the Thomas boys? SD shut down the entire offense. Run game was held to a weak showing, and Peyton just didn't have a good rhythm after the first series. This team needs a serious kick in the ass, and they just got one at home from a team that came here with 6 wins.


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              They certainly did. A+ game and our D game.

              It is what it is...