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    Goodell persuades Brady to sign with LA. He finishes second behind the mighty Chiefs and makes the postseason, winning the wildcard game. LA fills the stadium weekly, Brady stars in long-awaited Brokeback Mountain sequel, and the NFL smiles with glee.

    Dak secures the largest contract in NFL history. Jerry lives to regret it as much as...well, every other deal he’s made in the last 25 years.

    Tensions rise to an all-time high in Chicago, as fans wearing jerseys that “bear” Mahomes’ name fill Soldier field on a weekly basis. Trubisky goes full Myles Garrett and cracks the skull of one such fan with his helmet following a 7 INT performance on MNF. Sentenced to 10 years in prison. Chicago front office privately breathes a sigh of relief.

    Lockweiler sophomore slumps hard, causing John to be hospitalized on four occasions for alcohol poisoning. But his sideline-rapping skills are refined and on point all year long.

    Phil “cry me a” Rivers moves his family to Tampa, but mistakenly leaves two young children behind. Discovers this two months later. Tells backup Jameis Winston to hold his beer as he tosses 40 TDs and 40 INTs. Vows to not retire “until Brady does.”

    Brees signs three year deal loaded with guaranteed money. Throws an epic tantrum and retires immediately following a controversial non-call in the 4th quarter of the NFC championship game.


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      Originally posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
      Zero is just on a super high right now. I’ll let him have his fun.

      experiencing a super bowl win as a lifelong fan is something special. He’s gettin his.
      This. Enjoy it Zero.