Did a quick glance at our roster / cap situation heading into the offseason

Easiest ways to save some money are to cut Flacco (sucks Elway redid his contract. We will save about $10 million by cutting him but have some dead money) and Leary. Those two combined save about $18.5 million. Unless Elway thinks it is better to keep Flacco as the backup and not have the dead money.

That leaves us with about $86 million in cap space.

Lots of our DL isn't under contract. Wolfe, Harris, Gotsis, Purcell. So we have some work to do there

Need another #1 or #2 CB if Harris leaves. Re-sign Simmons

We are good at ILB and OLB

On the OL, if we decide to stick with Bolles who actually seems to be doing ok for the most part aside from the 1-2 holdings a game that are driver killers we need to fill a hole at center or re-sign McGovern, replace Leary at guard and hope we can get something out of James at RT.

In pretty good shape at WR, RB, and TE

So looks to me like we should be able to keep the guys we need to and have some money to spend on free agents to fill some holes. But we certainly don't have enough money to go on a huge spending spree.