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The GROSS Mishandling of Drew Lock

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    Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
    I was pushing hard for him starting day 1. Now I wasnt there to see what was going on behind the scenes but it seems like they have got it right so far.
    Considering that he is getting something out of players that are basically street FAs and rejections from other teams managing something resembling competence out of them is very impressive


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      Originally posted by yerner View Post
      looks pretty good. seems they got it right to me.
      That’s cause you are a ****ing idiot.


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        GROSS mismanagement of discussion time.


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          Originally posted by IndelibleScribe View Post
          Criminal negligence is more accurate. Since he's having success now, they'll swear the plan was to let him develop and you can see the improvements he's made from sitting behind a vet.
          None of it came from not practicing.


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            *Reading through thread*

            Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by AlaskaMagnum View Post
              I think maybe Elway was paranoid of Lock getting hammered, losing confidence, and theñ not bouncing back this ruining him.

              Thing is, Lock is mentally great. I noticed last night watching Trubisky. He already looks like a whipped dog. Lock exudes confidence. We got a good one! Crossing fingers he becomes a great one!
              7:56 Elway explains how starting right away helped him his rookie season


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                Originally posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post

                That’s cause you are a ****ing idiot.
                brilliant, clever comeback.
                happy holidays to you too.


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                  Originally posted by Rocket 7 View Post
                  7:56 Elway explains how starting right away helped him his rookie season

                  was that right after he tried to take his first NFL snap from under GUARD ?


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                    Some blatant homerism in here.

                    fact is it was mishandled the day Flacco was signed.

                    you draft Lock you build your entire offensive philosophy around HIM from OTAs on. Not some clown vet QB who some of us knew would blatantly suck, while the same idiots in this thread knocking the OP we’re the same ones claiming Flacco had no talent around him in Baltimore...that he was going to be good enough cause 2014 offense!!

                    A tale of 2 approaches.

                    Baltimore’s approach:

                    Bench Flacco(and dump him for good) for a rookie before the season is lost, change your entire offensive approach to fit that rookie, and what did Balt get? A playoff berth last year, dominating this year, and a coaching staff that was all being fired are now among the best staff in the league.

                    Denvers approach:

                    Plan A : Flacco starts the entire year while Lock “sits and develops”. Not only give Flacco full reign from day one with millions, you make an offense from OTAs on with plays for his ****ty talents. Name the rookie 3rd string bury him with clown OL that would surely get him shaken and injured. IR him then when deemed COMPLETELY healthy to practice you sit on it. No practice. Flacco injured still declare Lock not ready while denying him practice time. Choose a clown 3rd string no name QB who averaged 4.8 INCHES through a half of a winnable game. Finally let Lock play when season over and the offense scores points.

                    Lock should’ve been the priority from day 1. Not Flacco. That’s the biggest wtf decision of this year.


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                      Originally posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
                      Actually more concerned about Fangio's coordinating in some respects than Scang's.

                      That defensive effort last week was sobering.
                      Huh? The dude is doing a very good job with a very depleted defensive roster.


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                        This all seems like picking nits. He's playing. Who cares.


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                          Originally posted by Agamemnon View Post

                          Huh? The dude is doing a very good job with a very depleted defensive roster.
                          Ya if anything it shows Fangios strength on the D side.

                          bunch of JAGs playing on that side with all the injuries.


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                            sadly your lovely premiss is fractured from the start because INJURY took FLACCO off the field when he was a RAVEN.
                            LJ was watching and learning when he was forced, via injury, to take the field.

                            Developing LOCK was priority ONE. How the bronco brain trust chose to do that is now moot knowing that end result is we have a CONFIDENT QBOTF.
                            why must you HATE the process when you are so pleased with the RESULTS ?

                            tell me all about DAVID, not derek carr.


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                              Originally posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
                              This all seems like picking nits. He's playing. Who cares.
                              the HATE is strong.
                              great results are just a distraction.


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                                Originally posted by BroncoBeavis View Post

                                Not practicing was never 'for the best'

                                No matter how you want to spin it.
                                How is that a spin in context? Are you not happy with how Lock is playing?

                                How much practice time did he miss that you consider it to be "grossly mishandled"?