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    Originally posted by Broncoblood32 View Post

    He really displayed that 4.5 speed on that first catch.

    I found it encouraging that Lock was looking for the TE.

    I really liked how he battled for the ball. He didn’t do that last week, saw it, corrected it.


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      I like to make fun of his name as it rhymes with no-offense. Hehe!
      We fans, -me included- get caught up in all the frustration of what it’s like not to have a good team year in and year out.
      In the Dan Reeves—Shannahan era, a bad season around here was an 8-8 season, and during that time when John Elway retired, he retired as the winningest quarterback in NFL history.
      Starting from the McDaniels era to now, we’ve hit some pretty low points in franchise history not seen around here since who knows when, I wasn’t around but, it’s been bad.

      In General, I don’t think we’ve brought in bad players, and to be honest, I hate to criticize John Elway, but if I have to, I would say his failure has been not being able to put together a leadership team on the field of head coach, OC and DC combination.
      Fangio is going to be fine, despite being a rookie head coach the guy has enough savvy to make up for that handicap.
      Scangarello, he’s shown now he has potential to be a great game caller, -amazing what a good QB can do for you- I love how he now seems to be aware that how playing not to lose, prevents you from winning. I can only hope he feels confident enough that he now has a quarterback that has it all, and can execute the plays that can put points on the board in a hurry.
      Donatell on the other hand, or whatever our DC name is, I’m no very fond of, I think he sucks, but has in a way benefited from Fangio’s presence, but he’s yet to learn how to close games out. So, I’m not quite convinced he’s the guy this franchise wants at DC moving forward.
      Overall, this team it’s way better than our record indicates, even with the deficiencies we’ve had this season at the quarterback position, we just didn’t close games out when we needed to, due perhaps to the nature of being a team with an inexperienced leadership on the field and bad defensive strategies.
      We've got to learn how to win close games.
      Elway’s drafts have been decent. Whatever he saw on those players he’s brought in, we’re seeing it now...
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        People were jumping the gun way too much with Fant. He was playing better than Hockenson for most of the season even before Hockenson got hurt.
        We needed a QB who could get him the ball and put it in areas where he becomes a match up nightmare.

        Flacco couldn't do that, Allen couldn't do it consistently.