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Denver vs Houston: expectations/predictions

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  • I had the score about right. I just got the teams mixed up. I must admit that it feels good to be wrong sometimes.


    • Originally posted by peacepipe View Post
      9.5 underdogs
      predicting a surprise win 31-28 Denver. Drew Lock 250-300 yds 3 TDs. yes I’m being overly optimistic here. I do think he throws another pick. Not a stupid type turnover, just one where he trusts his arm a little too much or it bounces out Hamiltons hand into a defenders hand. Hopefully Scangarello opens up the offense a lot more this week.
      most importantly, more improvements by Lock.
      Pretty much nailed Lock's performance today


      • Originally posted by broncocalijohn View Post

        We rarely get 200 yards throwing in a game but with no Sanders on our team and a QB in his 2nd game, somehow we are going for 250-300 yards? GTFO!


        • Originally posted by Aztec Bronco View Post
          It really isn't hard to throw for 250 yards in a football game, especially if you're working from a negative game script.
          Drew almost hit this mark in a half, and did it from a positive game script.

          "No way a QB can pass for 250-300 yards" was such a bizarre take in 2019


          • Originally posted by broncosteven View Post

            Are you Scabby?

            That is exactly what Houston is going to look for.

            plus teams know how bad our OL is so they will run blitz us all day and make Lock beat us throwing it.

            I would go with the type of game plan they had vs the Vikes featuring Sutton every way possible. I would attack down field give Lock some confidence and the work in Lindsay and the run game.

            This week would be a good one to fake a stupid TE screen then chuck it deep to Sutton. Throw every first down and do no play action or boots until the second half when up 17. Also if we do get up 2 or 3 scores half way in the 2nd quarter don’t try to run the clock out for the rest of the game.

            I would rather see them lose being aggressive than blowing another win trying to protect a lead.
            The only thing I was wrong about was Houston blitzing us all day. They took the run away and made Lock beat them and he did.

            They also faked the boot and threw quick passes across Locks body to the left catching the Texans off guard. The ability of Lock to do so with accuracy was impressive in his 1st start on the road when he could barely hear at the start of the game.

            They didn't run a single TE screen, at least not that I remember, they were throwing to the TE's down field.

            They played aggressive on both sides of the ball and it paid off with 31 points on O and 7 on D. The still need to put together a drive after the 1st possession of the 2nd half, they have scored FG's or a TD with the 1st possession of the 2nd half in other games including today but after that the O falls asleep. It was nice to see the D get a turnover to end the game on D. Still a lot to clean up on both sides of the ball but it was fun to see them score 38 for the 1st time in a long time. I hope we can hang with the chefs if not shock them too. We don't have the talent they have on O but with Lock making guys like Hamilton and Patrick and even Fant better I think we have as good a chance as we have had since Manning was here.


            • Originally posted by broncocalijohn View Post

              That is a pipe dream. Can you at least back it up why you think he will double his output from last week? Take in account our coaching too.