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Titans rumored to be going after Cutler this off season....

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  • It's not at all that I think McCown a viable option for any team at starting QB. He has shown that he is a valuable backup journeyman.

    I do think though he has shown that the Bears offense isn't good because of Cutler. Cutler is a good, not great QB. I said he stinks earlier but that's not a talent critique, it's a he's not a good franchise qb critique.

    Not the type of leader of you want to make other players better. Throw in a slight injury bug and his lackluster numbers and I'm not sure Trestman will think he is worth more then say the 15th-20th highest paid QB.


    • the curse of all back-ups... FILMSTUDY ! after 4 games defenses wil then have enough film on a QB to know his tendancies, his strengths, his weaknesses, his 'tells' and reads, and he will be more efficiently defended. mc cowens time is up ! when he faces a D that isnt a huge sieve like Dallas, he will be exposed.
      Yes, he is playinig well but even kyle orton went 6-0 before the ravens figured him out and exposed him.
      Am I allowed to mention kyle orton?


      • Originally posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
        I was calling JC a petulant punk when he was still wearing a bronco uniform. gosh i took alot of flack for that too. you would think I said something derrogatory about #24 or even questioned the genius of a man called mike the way loyal posters lit in to me for questioning the maturity of our pro-bowl QB !
        I think you mixed up "Stretching to Make a Super Bowl Shuffle Reference" with "Caring"


        • We'll see peace in the Middle East before we'll see Cutler in Denver again.


          • Originally posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
            We'll see peace in the Middle East before we'll see Cutler in Denver again.
            "lets have another look at that map"