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Wonder how passer rating is calculated.

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  • Wonder how passer rating is calculated.

    According to that, Mahomes has a slightly worse passer rating than Deshaun Watson.

    Yet....Mahomes has passed for nearly 500 more yards, has thrown as many TDs (11) and Mahomes has not thrown an int and Watson has. The only place Watson beats him out is completion %.

    That makes no sense to me.

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    I guess completion percentage is weighted higher. Man, Russell Wilson is good.


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      That has long been a criticism of the passer rating formula. The fact that it disproportionately weighs completion percentage to evaluate QB performance. It’s the reason so many other outlets have developed their own stats.


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        a = ((comp/att) - 0.3) * 5
        b = ((yards/att) - 3) * 0.25
        c = (td/att) * 20
        d = 2.375 - ((int/att) * 25)

        if any of those variables end up greater than 2.375, they are set at 2.375. If any are less than 0, they get set at 0.

        then you get the final calculation-

        passer rating = ((a + b + c + d) / 6) * 100

        It's a pretty strange formula and I have no idea how it was spawned


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          Mayfield would have done better just spiking the ball in the ground every play last week.