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My observations on the week 1 game.

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  • Originally posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post

    Cant say much for Sanders that sounds like a fluke cause he’s reliable. But the drop magnifies the lack of WR talent on this team.

    Sanders was doubled all game cause Raiders knew no one else is a threat. Fant isn’t anything special and Sutton is the only other guy who produces. No one gets separation or can stretch the field.
    We need to put the new WR/Returner Spencer out there for a few plays. Dude posted a 4.27 40 on his college pro-day. And he is 27, so he's probably still got that speed. He doesn't need to do much more than be a threat, I would love to see him sent in to hit a post route every now and then. One or two catches would work nicely. I think it will only take one time getting beat by that kind of speed and all of a sudden the safeties will surrender a chunk of the middle to us to abuse.


    • The offense just needs to execute. Do that and we will be fine. The talent is there.


      • The broncos will be cluncky for the first 4 games of the season installing a new system on both offense and defense. This year playoffs would be nice but it's more about progression as the season wears on.

        I still have hope they can get a wild card spot.

        I'm more optimistic about the bears game than the raiders game with it being a home opener, fangio going against his old team.


        • Originally posted by mhgaffney View Post
          The offense just needs to execute. Do that and we will be fine. The talent is there.
          it was the DEFENSE that did not hold up their end in game #1.