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    Originally posted by titan View Post
    Sorry to see Nalen go. Tyler Polumbus is good (I listened to him often on Orange and Blue's morning show). I was wondering if Tyler would get back into radio and I am glad he is.

    Other changes: Sandy Clough and Orlando Franklin now on 9 am - noon on 104.3 the fan. Shawn Drotar takes over "Fan Late Night" 9 pm - midnight. I like both of these moves too. Clough and Franklin have good chemistry. Drotar used to host Fan Late Night a few years ago and in listening last night I think his show could be better than Clough alone in that time slot.
    Clough has a lot of knowledge, but he's kind of bland. I'll pass on Franklin too. That's just not an exciting show. lol


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      Cecil is being pushed? Volunteering? into more of a writer/content provider for the web page. He does spots on some of the shows, but his on-air presence has been significantly reduced.


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        Originally posted by SleepingTiger View Post

        Man that sucks. Nails had so many good stories. Listening to him was a joy. Love his incredible memory as he is constantly making Dmac look bad. His bit during training camp with the "Hill" people was a classic. So many good takes on his part. Took his job serious as a analyst on a radio show.
        Last week he was talking about when the Broncos got caught circumventing the cap (which gave them no competitive advantage). He was saying that Bowlen simply didn't have the money to make certain payments because he was waiting on the TV money. So he was able to convince certain players to defer the money with interest until after the season, when the TV money came in. Nalan said that he liked that because he was able to earn a little extra because of the interest.

        That was in the early days of revenue sharing, the TV contracts weren't nearly as big as they are today, and the Broncos hadn't moved into the new stadium yet. So they were still operating as a small market team.


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          I listen to 92.5 because the Fan oversaturated Broncos talk so much that I started to resent the Broncos themselves for all of the undeserved attention while the other local sports teams get completely neglected.