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If you were OC going against our D, what would your game plan be?

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    By telling your own DC to force 3 and outs...


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      Originally posted by ZONA View Post
      So you're an OC having to put together a game plan against our starting D, what is your strategy? (Let's assume you have a decent offense, like top 15 or something).

      Right away you know Miller and Chubb are going to be a nightmare around the edge and inside Tackle rushes. My plan would be to make quick passes early, get those 2 in pass rushing mode often, get the ball out fast, and use hurry up offense. Lots of quick outs/slants, throw in some screens passes, etc. I would try to get those guys a little fatigued early. You don't want long pass plays and give those 2 a chance for sacks or strip sacks. Even if you don't score many points in the 1st quarter, you're primary goal is to get those 2 gassed a bit and possibly slow down for the 2nd half, even if it's just by a step. Hopefully your own defense controls Broncos offense, which doesn't seem like that should be a huge problem. Not saying our offense can't get some points, but I don't think they're going to light it up if you know what I mean. So play the game conservatively in 1st half, low scoring game, try to gas out Miller and Chubb a little bit. Use the run a bit more in 2nd half, use some gadget plays perhaps (sweeps, reverse, etc) to the outside and keep on gassing those 2. Go with 2 TE sets, get Denvers LB's to attempt to cover your TE and hit the seams. Hopefully by mid 3rd into the 4th, you're game plan has worked somewhat and those 2 guys are gassed enough where it saves you a second or 2 and you can go for some intermediate throws. Continue to use hurry up offense in 2nd half, but mix it up a little, throw them off. Then don't get stupid and call any 7 step drops against those guys to where they could make a huge play and change the game.

      Doesn't mean it will work, just trying to have some fun. Another week of watching scrubs until real season is here, we got time. Let's hear yours.
      I would run double tights with a split backfield, get Denver to keep their LB's on the field and run alot of motion etc out of this set, looking for the mismatch. Run RPO out of same formation, sweeps, fake sweeps....all to keep the weakest position group you have, on the field. I can also double and/or chip Von - Chubb out of this with the double tights and make your beat me with your interior line.


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        Originally posted by v2micca View Post
        Pretty much. Quick drops were the QB gets the ball out of his hand fast. If they can get a slot receiver or TE matched on our interior LBs that will generally be a win for them. Also, you can run on our defense. Well designed inside and outside zone runs mixed in with the short passing game tend to be effective.
        I agree with the addition of opposing RBs matched on our LBs. I hope to the Almighty the Broncos pick up better ILBs on waivers or trades. If the Broncos move Safeties to ILB as has been discussed, teams will run right at them.


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          Run right at the NT and LB. PA and let my mediocre TE look like Kittle against the LB in coverage. Throw to the RBs too.


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            There would be no reason so ever push the ball outside of the tackles. Run inside, throw over the middle, up seam. game over, 47-6, bad guys.


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              I was thinking about this a little more as it pertains to KC. Look...even your crappy coaching staff last year understood that to beat KC you have to get to Mahomes in a hurry. We don't have to rehash how a play here or there and you may have won at least the first game. I suggested double tights and split backs...I htink it's the best way for most teams to approach it including KC....but I can tell you that KC isn't going to run much of that...I'm not going to say they are wrong to run spread formations and empties...because KC has the horses to do it..but it also exposes Mahomes to alot of risk because I have no problem telling you...and it's fairly obvious, that KC's O line, especially the interior, isn't good. They aren't especially good at run of the mill one on one matchups and they particularly suck against stunts and twists. It continues to amaze me still, how many national pundit think Mahomes is some kind of running improvising type QB along the lines of DeShaun Watson or even Lamar Jackson......Mahomes can make things happen when he is flushed because he happens to have an insane arm...but Mahomes does his best work from the pocket (like most QBs) and led the NFL...BY ALOT, in QB rating from the pocket. While Mahomes is really good having to still improve your chances of success against him by making him move.

              Reid has no problem rolling the dice with protections...wich makes for trouble against teams with elite players on their lines or pass rush. Aaron Donald BLEW UP a number of plays agianst KC in that Rams game last year...and you might say it didn't mean much as KC still put up 51 points...but Donalds impact in that game was huge, causing a couple of turnovers at key moments. KC didn't double him. Von and Chubb were all over Mahomes when you all played us. No doubles. no chips. Full speed ahead, empty sets, spread etc. Andy believes Mahomes is going to win even when the O'line loses...I can't blame him for thinking so...because that's what often happens....but it can be keep getting to Mahomes quickly enough, you can beat this team...but you MUST get there. Easier said than done..good luck.