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If the Colts offered us the rights to Andrew Luck for Drew Lock straight up, would you take it?

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    Originally posted by Tombstone RJ View Post

    I thought retirement meant you give up any money left on a contract, but you probably have to sit out a year, but you can sign with any team moving forward?

    Anyone know how it works?
    Pretty sure he has to sit out a least. Also, there is situation with his money. He is being paid for this year and next year. Now, Irsay could have went after it and Luck would have been forced to give it back. Well, Irsay made an announcement that he won't go after it.

    I am not sure how that all ties into this, but his contract went into at least next season. Don't think he would be able to play. Now, if this was his last season on his contract, then I think he could play.

    My prediction is he will play in the XFL in either the 2020 or 2021 season.


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      Originally posted by Tombstone RJ View Post

      Can you imagine if Elway had Sam Wyche(sp?) as HC instead of Reeves?
      Would have been a perfect coach for him I think.


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        Meh, easy to get visions of sugar plums dancing in your head with Luck in a Bronco uni in 2 years but I'm just hoping Lock is the real deal, that Munchak can turn our OL into a machine by next year, our TE's can stay healthy, Yiadom or some other young CB turns out to be a find, and that Jewel can develop into that ILB we really need.


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          Originally posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post

          all true ,but ther is a chance he may want to return to the game ...
          we should trade our peyton manning interests for him straight-up.
          I don't care what the chance of him returning is, he's not into the game right now. Once the passion is gone, the talent is irrelevant.


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            I would take Sloter....He is playing really well


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              Sure Luck will get better and throw to Butt. They’ll dominate the league for a few plays