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    Originally posted by Beantown Bronco View Post

    That could be a nightmare to deal with in terms of the cap. What if you made other signings in the interim and now you don't have the cap space to take them back? What if the other team now has an additional hole or two on the roster the day before the season starts due to no fault of their own?

    I can't see it ever working.
    Yeah, true. I guess it really is a buyer beware and AB was no mystery to any team. Hence the reason there were only two teams reportedly interested and the narcissist demanded to not go to Buffalo.

    lol at the Raiders, but to me the annoying part is the idiot crying victim. Shocked the race card has not been deployed yet.


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      The pathetic me monster multi millionaire self proclaimed victim filing another grievance about his helmet that no other player that has to wear it is boycotting and filing grievances about.

      Source: Brown files new grievance over helmet via @ESPN App

      Same pathetic narcissist multi millionaire victim that gleefully accepted all of his money, chose to sit out a game they needed him cause they gave too much praise to his teammate.

      and that made him all upset and stuff.