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    He will look god handing the ball off 30 times a game and throwing less than 24 a game.
    If he has single digit INTs at the end of the season then our D should get us to the play-offs.


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      Originally posted by Drunk Monkey View Post

      I hope you are right. My expectations are just a little higher then when we brought on butt fumble.
      About what mine are too


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        Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post

        I think we all hope that, but it's just so ridiculously unrealistic, and I'm a massive homer. He is a bad QB, bottom 10 starter easily. That's just who he is. If we get a 20 Td, 14 int, bottom half in comp % and YPA year from him we should count our blessings. That's about the best we can hope for. More realistically we should expect him to play his way onto the bench by the bye week. I expect his worst year as a pro.
        I hear yah, I'm just hoping for the best for Flacco and the Broncos.


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          Hey guys... Buff is INSIDE Joe Flacco….


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            Originally posted by Archer81 View Post
            And as for the title of the thread...

            Yes! My first thoughts as well. Haha