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    » Round 1: (No. 20 overall) Noah Fant, TE, Iowa.
    » Round 2: (41) Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State; (42) Drew Lock, QB, Missouri.
    » Round 3: (71) Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State.
    » Round 5: (156) Justin Hollins, OLB, Oregon.
    » Round 6: (187) Juwann Winfree, WR, Colorado.

    Just when you all were ready to cast John Elway into the ether as a guy the game had passed by, he showed the football world he knows exactly what he's doing. Sure, Devin Bush would have been nice at No. 10, but trading down to Pick 20, collecting a couple selections from the Steelersand then landing Fant is some mighty-fine maneuvering that deserves our respect and admiration. The Broncos have a bunch of tight ends already, but none of them have the athletic ability of Fant, who will be Joe Flacco's best friend (before he becomes Lock's best bud later). Elway was just getting started, though. Coming back in Round 2 for Risner and Lock back-to-back? That's good value! Those two might be handling the center-QB exchange for a decade, although it sounds like Risner will start off at right guard. He has experience at every spot on the offense line. The big-armed Lock slipped into Round 2, defying the conventional wisdom that highly touted QBs go higher than their talent warrants in the draft. The opposite took place here, and the Broncos are the beneficiaries. His upside is tantalizing, but he certainly has issues to work out, from footwork to putting better touch on his throws, before he can be considered for the QB1 job. Flacco will keep the seat warm for him. The Broncos flipped over to the defense in Round 3, where the highly athletic Jones was a nice find. Hollins provides depth at a position of strength and will get a chance to learn from Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.

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    We shall see. What looks good on paper doesn’t always materialize on the football field, but I’m pumped. Can’t wait to see these rookies play ball.


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      I know draft has been talked to death but it is late night and I am bored

      Walter Football Broncos: A+ Grade

      Goals Entering the 2019 NFL Draft: The Broncos could choose a quarterback early, but they're better off waiting for the superior 2020 NFL Draft class to address the position. Instead, Denver should focus on addressing the many pressing needs on its roster, particularly linebacker, the secondary, the offensive line and the receiving corps.

      2019 NFL Draft Accomplishments: The Broncos did a good job of finding a trade partner when the players they coveted weren't available at No. 10 overall. Some reported that they desired Devin Bush, but this was not true. T.J. Hockenson was the final player they wished to land at No. 10 overall, which is why they moved down when the Lions took him with the eighth pick.

      Trading down was nice, but the Broncos would ultimately have to draft good prospects with their extra selections. They began with Noah Fant, which was a fine decision at No. 20. I criticized the Lions' selection of T.J. Hockenson, but that was with a top-eight choice. It was much more reasonable to take his teammate with the 20th-overall selection. Meanwhile, the Broncos fared better in the second round. Dalton Risner is a high-character player who can start at every position up front. It's likely that he'll replace the departed Matt Paradis at center. He'll block for Joe Flacco in the present and then eventually Drew Lock, who was a steal at No. 42. It would've been a mistake for the Broncos to use a first-round pick on Lock, but getting him in the second frame, with the choice acquired from the Steelers, was a nice move.

      Amazingly, Denver's first five picks all graded "A" or higher. Only one selection was lower than that, and that was a mere sixth-round pick. I absolutely loved the Broncos' draft class, as they accumulated great-value prospects and extra resources throughout the weekend, all while filling needs. Very well done.

      See NFL Draft Grades for every single Broncos pick.

      CBS Sports Denver Broncos: B+

      Best pick: Second-round quarterback Drew Lock will pay off big for this franchise. They will look back on the pick someday and think what a bargain he was in that round.

      Worst pick: I liked their first four picks, so it's tough to find one. I might have gone in a different direction than taking tackle Dalton Risner in the second round. That's being nitpicky.

      The skinny: Some will say it's weird even mentioning this, but John Elway had a good draft. I like the move to drop from No. 10 overall to add extra picks. First-round tight end Noah Fant will be a nice weapon and if Lock becomes the long-term starter – which I think he will do – they will have a heck of a draft.

      SB Nation

      They seemed to have graded pretty tough for most teams. Denver Broncos

      Denver made one of the smartest first-round moves by trading back from No. 10 to No. 20. Despite that, the Broncos were still able to land Iowa tight end Noah Fant. He could star in that offense.

      The Broncos got a steal with offensive lineman Dalton Risner in the second round. He can play right tackle, either guard spot, or center. He will plug into the line and be so effective you never notice him.

      The Broncos then got quarterback Drew Lock, a pick some expected in the first round. He’s a good choice to groom behind Joe Flacco. John Elway’s history of drafting quarterbacks is pretty bad, though.

      Just about every year, an undersized defensive tackle falls further than he should and makes a big impact. This year, that could be Dre’Mont Jones.

      Grade: A-



      1 (20). Noah Fant, TE, Iowa
      2 (41). Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State
      2 (42). Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
      3 (71). Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State
      5 (156). Justin Hollins, LB, Oregon
      6 (187). Juwann Winfree, WR, Colorado

      The Broncos’ biggest need was interior offensive line, so it would have been interesting to see if the team would have still taken TE Noah Fant at 20 if Garrett Bradbury and Chris Lindstrom were available. In Dalton Risner they still found what’s almost certain to be a Day 1 starter, but at what position? Risner can play anywhere up front, which raises the theoretical question of whether you should put your most talented player at HIS best spot or put your lesser players in comfortable positions and have your best guy fill the weakest remaining spot. If it’s the latter, then Risner’s position will depend on how the Broncos feel about Connor McGovern at center and Elijah Wilkinson at guard.

      Risner will almost certainly start next season, but what about fellow second-round pick, QB Drew Lock? John Elway’s last two high-drafted QBs, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch, rode the bench in Years 1 and 2, but, of course, neither ultimately developed into starters in Denver. Will that history have any bearing on this decision? More likely, the Broncos’ record come midseason will—if the team is 6–3 when the early November bye rolls around, expect Lock to stay on the bench. You don’t hire a 60-year-old head coach (Vic Fangio) and trade for a veteran QB like Joe Flacco if you don’t believe you’re ready to compete right now.

      Whoever is under center will at least have a flexible receiving weapon in Fant, though the Iowa tight end’s lack of blocking prowess might limit his first and second down contributions. Some scouts also believe Fant is raw and needs route running refinement.

      Lastly, Dre’Mont Jones is worth mentioning for the simple reason that Elway has a good record of drafting quality interior defensive linemen in the middle rounds. And two notable guys from his good record—Derek Wolfe and Adam Gotsis, as well as journeyman Shelby Harris—are in the final year of their contracts.

      GRADE: A-

      Sporting News

      9. Denver Broncos

      Whom they drafted: TE Noah Fant, OT/G Dalton Risner, QB Drew Lock, DT Dre'Mont Jones, OLB Justin Hollins, WR Juwan Winfree

      Make that two consecutive sweet drafts for John Elway. Fant, Risner, Lock and Jones address key needs, and the latter three were projected first-rounders at one point. If Lock turns out to be a franchise passer as a second-rounder, then Elway will have redeemed himself and put that bridge-quarterback life behind his team.

      Fantasy Pros


      1.20 – Noah Fant
      (TE – Iowa)
      2.41 – Dalton Risner
      (OT – Kansas State)
      2.42 (from Bengals) – Drew Lock
      (QB – Missouri)
      3.71 – Dre’Mont Jones
      (DT – Ohio State)
      5.156 (from Vikings) – Justin Hollins
      (LB – Oregon)
      6.187 – Juwann Winfree
      (WR – Colorado)
      It was shocking to see the Broncos trade back from the 10th pick with Devin Bush

      on the board, which is precisely who the Steelers traded up to select. While I like Fant, Bush would have had more of an impact on their team. They did use some of the equity to trade up and take Lock in the second round, which was tremendous value, even if you’re not a believer in Lock right now. He comes on a cheap rookie contract and you don’t have to start him right away. The pick of Jones in the third was a solid value, but the Broncos really missed the boat on linebacker in this draft. After losing both Brandon Marshall and Shaquil Barrett, you would’ve thought they’d address the position. They also failed to add a cornerback, which was the second biggest need on my board for them. It appears they’re comfortable starting Chris Harris Jr. and Isaac Yiadom on the perimeter. They made some good picks, but this draft could’ve arguably been better.

      Draft Grade: C+
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        I’m really excited about this draft. We didn’t fill every need but we did get really great players that filled needs. They’re all highly athletic and quality guys to add to this roster.


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          Linebacker would have been great but I think Denver got some really great pieces and hopefully they will address in next year's free agency or draft. I never thought TE but what we have seen Kittle do to us last season and big time TE in previous years, it is a nice weapon to use. We did very well at where we picked, what we picked up and what we gave up.


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            Great Draft, HOF game might be worth a look this year.


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              After the draft i was so happy. Didnt pick Lock at 10 was clever, imho. I thought we tack him at 20. But, he fall to us at 42, this is really exicting. Really nice picks. Together with the good draft last year, this could be a really nice year.


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                Originally posted by 19Morton77 View Post
                Linebacker would have been great but I think Denver got some really great pieces and hopefully they will address in next year's free agency or draft. I never thought TE but what we have seen Kittle do to us last season and big time TE in previous years, it is a nice weapon to use. We did very well at where we picked, what we picked up and what we gave up.
                Yeah LBer and CB... It is a must Denver re-sings Harris. I guess Todd Davis will be the starting MLB.


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                  When someone thinks Brandon Marshall and Shaq Barrett play the same position it’s probably a good idea to ignore their football takes.


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                    Originally posted by Agamemnon View Post
                    When someone thinks Brandon Marshall and Shaq Barrett play the same position it’s probably a good idea to ignore their football takes.
                    Hahaha... Truth.

                    Gotta know the difference between a Will, a Sam, and a Leo. If not kick rocks....


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                      I am still struggling a little with Fant. Outside of Gronk (retired), Kelsey and Ertz I woulden't rate any current NFL tight end worth a first. We shall see.


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                        Fant is going to be used as a WR/TE hybrid like the guys you mentioned above. Except Fant is way more athletic similar to Evan Engram, Jimmy Graham in his prime, and Kittle. It’s a great value pick. Think of we got Lock and Fant instead of just drafting Bush.


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                          Originally posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
                          Think of we got Lock and Fant instead of just drafting Bush.
                          I don't see it like that because Elway traded up to get Lock. One trade down for Fant, one trade up for Lock. So it was Fant, Lock and a 2020 3rd-rd pick instead of Devin Bush, TE Drew Sample, DT Renell Wren and RB Trayveon Williams.

                          The value for the Broncos looks good on paper because Elway received the standard value on the chart when he traded down for Fant, paid less than the value on the trade chart to move up for Lock and got the #1 QB on his board. However, only time will tell how all these players involved will perform in the NFL.

                          We might also argue that Elway would not have drafted exactly Drew Sample, Renell Wren and Trayveon Williams with those draft picks traded for Lock. If I had to guess, I'd say players like WR Parris Campbell [went #59 overall], LB Drue Tranquill [#130] and T Isaiah Prince [#202] would have made more sense for the Broncos, since they took a TE [Fant] and DL [Jones] with the other picks.

                          My questions after this 2019 draft:

                          1. Quality over quantity? The team entered the draft with 8 picks, then 9 picks after trading with Pittsburgh. They left the draft with 6 players. What impact will this narrow draft class have? Will the college free agents be able to fill the holes that were not addressed during the draft and veteran free agency? I thought there would be more investment in the OL considering the loss of Matt Paradis, Leary's injury history and the upside of bringing quality OL prospects to be coached by Munchak. The ILB situation will also generate plenty of talk.

                          2. Dre'mont Jones. Will he be a good fit? He's undersized and did not test well. His presence on the field will tell the opponent that we want to rush the passer, but teams might plan to run straight at Jones, who gets washed out pretty easily against the run. I'd say it was a curious selection after what the Broncos experienced with DeMarcus Walker.

                          3. Justin Hollins over D'Andre Walker? It will be interesting to compare their careers going forward. Walker produced 45 tackles, 11 TFL, 7.5 sacks for Georgia last season, including two strip-sacks against Drew Lock.