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Fantasy Presser: The Gauntlet

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  • Fantasy Presser: The Gauntlet

    Three games in a row against starting NFL Quarterbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs.

    "It's an outrage," Coach Andy Reid said after finding out the local Costco was out of frozen mini tacos.

    The unstoppable Denver Broncos continued the Chiefs streak of defeat again, but this time in Arrowhead.

    Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton said, "Well I kept reading everything that said Manning can't play in the cold, so we made sure the game was outside and stuff. But it didn't work. He really *****lammed us today."

    While everyone was doubting the Broncos and Manning after a second pick, he was really just practicing his Brady. Manning said, "Well, I did hear that Doggcow's fantasy team was trailing to Josh McCown, and Burleson really made him look stupid for Thanksgiving. So I thought that was garbage and knew I had to deliver in the clutch!"

    Knowshon Moreno was seen weeping before the beating he knew was coming the Chief's way. The Runningback said, "I just felt so terrible, I'm good friends with Jessie James and I just didn't know how she will handle the Deep Decking Eric was going to give to the Chiefs."

    The Broncos survived the legion of injuries to defeat the Chiefs 35-28.