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Which Current QB would you take over any Prospect in the Draft.

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    Originally posted by Jason in LA View Post
    I think the issue with Cousins is his contract. He's actually a pretty good quarterback. But for the money they're paying him, he needs to be great, and he's just not close to that.
    While his contract is high it is short and doesn't handcuff a team. He is better than people give him credit for. A bad contract to me is what Keesum is getting. 21 mil this year. Only 7 less than Cousins.


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      Originally posted by v2micca View Post
      I was kind of surprised myself, but there are currently 20 starting QBs in the NFL that I would take over any QB prospect in this current draft class.

      20 is a bit high in light of how few years some of them have left, but your question raises an important but underappreciated point: What is the likelihood of finding a solid franchise QB in the draft? Let's use 16 as the number - meaning half the teams currently have a solid, franchise QB. But that is misleading - it doesn't mean you have a 50/50 chance to land a guy in the draft, regardless how high you pick.

      The factor we forget is length of career. Average for a franchise QB, call it 16 years to make the math easy, and the frequency of new Franchise QBs is: ONE per year LEAGUE-WIDE. That's it. In all 7 rounds and free agency. They don't grow on trees, and anybody who wants to fire Elway for missing on two guys just doesn't get it.

      Statistical analyses aren't perfect with a small sample size, okay, so look at it from a practical standpoint: Before they found Brady, Big Ben and Brees, where were the Patriots, Steelers and Saints? They were wandering in the wilderness, awash in mediocrity. For years. Exactly where the Broncos are right now, in the same purgatory most every team will face. Even King Belichick, who tried to plan ahead with Garappolo, even HE will face that Purgatory soon enough. 20 winning seasons in a row? You watch, they'll finish sub-500 3 of their first 4 or 5 without Goat-boy.


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        You guys are forgetting somebody...


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          Brady, Darnold, Allen, Luck, Watson, Mayfield, Mahomes, Rivers, Wentz, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson.