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  • Mile High Ankle Sprain...

    ...just received another week of rest...kudos to the offensive line. They were phenomenal tonight. Just want to say congrats to the oline for a great game. They looked really good tonight. Beadles even minimized his contribution by only getting 1 penalty called on his

    Also, KC's offense reminds me of a Kyle Orton run frustrating for that fan base to have all that false hope. Lets roll over to chiefsplanet tomorrow and stir the pot.

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    I don't think the performance of the oline can be understated tonite. As Al Michaels would say it was "uge"

    We obviously took it easy on Peyton tonite hoping for this exact outcome



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      They played well in pass protection, not so much in run blocking but I guess that is expected when going against KC.


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        I loved the gameplan on offense, the running plays weren't getting much but they kept the D honest and meant we didn't have that many third and longs, meaning we could get the ball out quicker.

        Had we fallen behind I imagine we'd have stopped running as much, thankfully that never happened.


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          O line heros ! they deserve ther own thread !


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            Originally posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
            O line heros ! they deserve ther own thread !
            And if your nuts could ever be found, they need a swift kick for all the crap you talked all week


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              Here ya go.
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