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Young QB's Still No Match For Peyton!!

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  • Young QB's Still No Match For Peyton!!

    Even though there's a promising looking young generation of QB's such as Kaepernick and RGIII, they are still FAR and AWAY from throwing like Peyton!

    What do you think? Any of these guys as good as the current best ones?

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    Wow, that article doesn't even look proofread. I had to stop reading when he got to the part where Cam Newton "[traveled] 2,700 million to play against tough 49ers defense."

    To answer the question, I think Luck will get there, Wilson has been great for a team with the defense they have had, but I'd like to see him really carry a team before I would put him anywhere close to Brady, Brees or Manning.

    I'm not sure that the other mobile QBs will ever get to that point. I see them similarly to Vick, it just isn't sustainable on as consistent a high level and makes them much more injury prone later in their careers. They'll put up good seasons here or there, but they won't be breaking any passing records.
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      100 post rule j---s effing c.