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    signing pac man was not what i had in mind


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      Originally posted by Archer81 View Post
      The bolded is important. And the same argument could be made with how we left the playoffs in 2014 that 2015 was going to be a fun season but we probably wouldnt make a title run. Those pieces you pointed out, Ward, Talib, Jackson, Ware all were part of a double digit loss at home to the Colts in the playoffs. We had a Manning in decline and a suspect offensive line and a new coaching staff (new to us, anyway).

      There is nothing that says this team cannot put together a crazy run either. The AFC west has no dominant team. Hype for the Chargers or Chiefs or the genius Gruden is just that, hype. Win the division, get in the playoffs. See what happens.

      And to be clear I don't think we are locked on favorites to walk right into SB 53. But I've been watching this game long enough to think and know crazier **** happens every season. And it would be interesting to make an 8th SB appearance the year Bowlen possibly goes into the HoF. So why the **** not us?

      Yeah, AFC is pretty wide open again.

      AFC East is trash minus NE.
      AFC South will beat up on each other.
      AFC North is the Steelers, and everyone else has some questions.
      AFC West is like the South, anyone could finish 1-4.

      Not saying Denver will make/win the SB, but there's always a surprise team every year that comes out of the blue.


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        Originally posted by manchambo View Post
        Almost every team. Please name all the teams with two all pro cornerbacks.

        Who’s asking for “all pro”?

        I just posted a link with half the nfl having good CB cores.

        No one is asking for HOF. But being where they are now, it’s led them scrambling to fill the spot with a criminal.