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Sloter vs Kelly, who would you take right now?

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    Originally posted by Brohemoth View Post
    I remember it differently but I'm too lazy to dig up 2-year old camp reports.
    Since Khan brought it back...Sucio Sanchez freaking kneeled during a spike drill in camp...then proceeded to lose the ball in preseason like it had Crisco all over it...he was pathetic...

    ...and it shookscribe for the win


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      I will choose option #3


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        Originally posted by wolf754life View Post
        Is this real?

        Kelly college vs Sloter college? SEC vs bum **** U?

        it isn't close, never was close, if chad didn't screw up he would have been a 1st round draft choice.

        Stop comparing Kelly to SLoter

        Kelly is sloters dad.
        Can you even read?

        Thats the point.

        What does STUDLY mean?
        Kelly lit up Bama TWICE not to mention any other tape.

        Edit: And by the way.......isnt this thread Kelly vs Sloter? Slap yourself.
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          Originally posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
          Jason’s right though there were some intense Trevor love.

          Steven was among one of the seldom few who publicly admitted it was a farce. Pretty cool. He was also right in that some turtled under the rocks. I even got caught up for 2 weeks in thinking he could be the starter. Then I went straight back into my Trevor sucks routine.

          I was right along with you. I was underwhelmed, he would have a good game and I would get excited, and he would suck again.

          I'm glad he's gone. So, so glad.