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Podcast questions for game vs Redskins?

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  • Podcast questions for game vs Redskins?


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    Now with Von/Woodyard back on the field, what's the weakest link in our defense?

    Bueller .....


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      Pardon my French but Peyton Manning is wound up sooo tight, if you shoved a lump of coal up his azz in 2 weeks you'd have a diamond...walking on eggshells.

      The question for the podcast isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"

      Does that sum up the season?
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        The 4th & goal play before the Redskins called timeout, we had 2 receivers to the right and only London Fletcher running late out that way to cover. He take 2-3 seconds to try and get another defender before he calls timeout. Why didn't we just snap it and get the easy score? We scored anyways coming out of the TO, but I'd like to take advantage of a screw up by the other team.

        I know Manning isn't going to goose the center and QB sneak for a couple of yards like Brady does (nor do I want to expose Manning to any more hits than necessary), but the Pats are great at snapping the ball when they have the opposing defense confused. I'd like to see that. Seems like Manning is going to go through his whole set up either way.


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          Would Rev consider changing his position from: "Cut Vickerson" to "No seriously, cut Vickerson!"?


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            How do you see us approaching the Chiefs D?

            Do you think we can run the ball successfully on them and soften up their pass rush and coverage? Is the Chiefs' run D vulnerable at all? They're giving up 4.7 yards/attempt on average (29th in NFL).

            Or do we just air it out on them like we do with everybody?


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              Why is RG3 so overrated?


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                Who needs the bye week the most?

                Also, if Peyton really is we start Brock for a game to rest him for the playoffs?


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                  The Broncos currently receive 63 penalty yards per game. Ninth worse in the NFL. They are also giving up 2.5 penalty first downs a game. Third worst.

                  The inopportune penalties were highlighted in the Redskin game when they were flagged for 12 men on the field during a ST play which directly led to four additional points.

                  Is this a trend to be concerned about or statistically inconsequential?


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                    Is last year's defense back now? Sure looked like it vs. WAS.


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                      are the chiefs getting enough respect?


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                        Is the podcast cancelled this week?


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                          Is Bowlen Broke? Jared Allen says YES.