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everyone has a plan...until you get punched in the face

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    Originally posted by SoCalBronco View Post
    I'm assuming Gaff went to Villanova.

    It will be fun to remind him of the "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face" line if DEN drafts Rosen which will be awesome for the gaff related LULZ alone.

    My nephew went to Villanova. I heard that the Monday night celebration at my brother's house went on into the wee hours.

    I went to Colorado State University in the 60s-70s. That was when I became a Broncos fan. I well recall the Craig Morton/Orange Crush days...


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      Just ask these guys


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        lulz at punch in the face and basektball being mentioned in the same sentence. If you breathe on anyone in a hard manner they call a foul. Basketball hasn't had contact since the days of Charles Oakley and crew with the knicks.

        I could only imagine Lebron having to play in that area with those boys banging on you every other night.