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Coach Fox reached down & found some manly bits!

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  • Coach Fox reached down & found some manly bits!

    Maybe they weren't his...maybe they were. Regardless foxy finally grabbed hold and squeezed tightly. And it felt good!

    Going for it on 4th down & 2 instead of easy FG? No TO or anything to even think about it? Later a 4th down try on the shadow of the goal line for a gutsy TD. Throw in a challenge flag albeit silly one.

    Who the hell is this guy and what did he do with our captain take-a-knee?

    Props to coach Foxy-found-a-pair!!!!

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    Fox still needs to get this team READY TO PLAY and SHOW UP on the road against quality teams. Imo that is his biggest problem and one that we must overcome to win rings.


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      He was just being gutsy because Shanahan was watching.


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        He had to go against what he thought was "right". He had another bad showing. Wasting timeouts, stupid challenges, wrong personnel on the field costing 7 points instead of 3. Going for it there wasn't hard to see.