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we beat ourselves the colts didn't win

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  • we beat ourselves the colts didn't win

    i'm struggling to remember a game from the broncos with so many , mistakes,penalties and bad calls,

    the colts didn't win, we threw the game away,
    i'd need to watch a re-run of the game to count the mistakes,bad calls and penalties(most needless)
    add to this list if you can think of more,

    1.holliday fumble on kick return
    2.manning safety on mathis
    3.hillman fumble on 2nd and goal
    4.decker bad call on touchdown catch
    5.vickerson roughing the passer on 3rd down
    6.moreno on 3rd down pass interference,
    7.champ bailey injury

    to think all this occurred and we was within 6, add the helmet penalties as well at least 3 of them at 15 yards a go, and its a miracle we only lost by 6,putting a positive spin on it, look at what there coverage got away with there was at least 4 pass interference calls not called I can remember 2 obvious ones on decker...

    we're see these colts again, and get revenge, and in the words of joe Namath I gurantee it...........

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    The strip sack was a good play by Mathis lucky it wasn't a TD


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      I don't know, the Colts Defense sure dismantled our Offensive Line. I know they are banged up, up pressure fomr eveywhere almost even single play.

      Yes, we shot outselves in the foot, but the Colts played a nice game.


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        I'd like to see Ball become more involved on the short yardage plays. He brings his own blocker. Hillman I believe just has be exposed on when running in traffic.

        2 out of the first 3 drives Denver faced 3rd and 1 and failed to convert.

        Holliday needs to carry the ball on the outside hand and the fumble does not occur

        Get Franklin back and then Loius can move back inside

        J Thomas failed to max protect on a basic inside rush on Manning last INT. That's football 101 and he failed.

        Those issues I think can be fixed during the bye

        Big mo was on Denver side had they gotten to within 2 but you can't turn the ball over 4 times on the road and expect to win

        Plenty to review this week


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          I agree to a point. The mistakes were the difference in the game, but the Colts did force a few of those mistakes, so they did win the game.

          The Broncos gave the Colts 12 points through turnovers, and they cost themselves 3-7 points because of the fumble at the 1. That's 15-19 points lost because of mistakes. The Colts lost 7 points from their turnover. So that's an 8-12 point swing in the Colts favor. There's your ball game, but I'm sure all the talk will be about Luck beating Manning.

          But the Colts have to get credit, the INT and fumble for a safety were set up because of the Colts pass rush getting to Manning, and it looked like Holliday was stripped before he fell out of bounds. Hillman though, that guy just fumbled the ball. He gave the Colts a gift.

          A lot of times games comes down to how makes less mistakes, and last night it was the Colts, so they won.


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            Cliched, but this game was won in the trenches. Their DL beclowned our protection. Got in PM's head.

            Their OL handled our rush.

            If we're going to make a run, both fronts are going to have to improve. Von didn't look world-beating. But I didn't necessarily expect he would. Hopefully he gets his groove back next week and figures out how to start working some pressure underneath. Seemed like he made his move to the outside more than normal.

            Which doesn't work so well when there's little push coming from the tackles.


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              <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>WOW: <a href=";src=hash">#Broncos</a> ran on 1st play of drive 7 times = 0 points. <a href=";src=hash">#Broncos</a> passed on 1st play on drive 8 times = 6 scoring drives + Hillman fumble.</p>&mdash; Peter Burns (@PeterBurnsRadio) <a href="">October 21, 2013</a></blockquote>
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