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    Originally posted by enjolras View Post
    I want it all. 19-0 baby!
    Agree, how amazing would it be if Denver goes 19-0 in the modern area.


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      Originally posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
      This is going to be a meme going forward.


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        Originally posted by billyj View Post
        manning is lights out & playing unbelievably, but he wont be able to overcome a defense that gets torched every week!
        even with manning controlling the clock & resting the defense, they continue to get burned...EVEN BY THE JAGS!!
        I don't think that any quarterback would be able to will this team to the super bowl....much less win it!
        again, manning will be classified as a poor playoff quarterback, even though it wont be his fault. remember last year when flacco torched them with the tying t.d.? this defense will never be able to hold the lead against playoff caliber teams!!
        Suck it troll ... come back when you know the first thing about the Broncos and our defense which has been without its 5 top starters for much of the last two games, and without two to three of its best players for the whole season so far, including Von and Champ .... except for Champs warm up game against the Jags after not running full speed until last week much less not practicing at all for the last 6+ weeks.

        In the first three games when missing just Von and Champ, you obviously confused garbage time desperation yards by the opponents for overall bad coverage and getting torched which is not what happened.
        Lets see how 'torched' our D has been by the end of the season and then we can discuss your myopic misinformed theory. Must be a Colt troll.
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          Originally posted by Quoydogs View Post
          Losing Woodyard may have hurt us more then Von. Just Sayin'
          Hurt, I would argue Von being out made more guys play out of the position that best suits them and the defense as a unit than WW being out.

          I don't know if one is worse than the other, they both sucked and I am ready to have them BOTH on the field.