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Pretty great Rick Reilly article on point spread

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  • Pretty great Rick Reilly article on point spread

    Reilly has always been a Broncos' homer. This is pretty good Denver bookies are very worried about the Broncos covering.

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    Straight up odds.

    Denver straight up bet $200 to win $1
    Jags straight up bet $1 to win $30

    doesn't seem [email protected]!


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      "great rick reilly article" is an oxymoron


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        Typical late career Reilly; mailing in another assignment 20 minutes before the deadline. He turned so much talent into a waste of column inches. Pity.


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          Here is another good article, this one deals with how difficult it is to bet the spread.

          Check this out.

          Favorites are 37-36 against the spread. About half the games go over the total, and a little less than half stay under. The spread only matters in about 15% of the games. I’m not sure if that makes picking games easier or harder.

          How can Vegas be that good?

          Here is the rest of the article.


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            This article talks about the great collapses of teams that started 5-0.

            Saints and Broncos will not collapse because their QBs will forbid it.


            and yes it is a bleacher report. If you do not like the site do not click on the link


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              Do yourself a favor and only bet totals in the nfl...the spreads are horrible and it really is a 'any given sunday league. If you want to win more consistently, leave the nfl and go with college fball lines.

              This week I would bet on those teams that were upset last week and now playing at home.