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    Before I left to go watch the Denver game, NE @ Cin was on TV.

    Did anyone else see the Bengals scoring play? Can anyone find video of the Bengals TD and the 2 plays before it??

    Bengals send in the big DT Peko, on 3rd and Goal at the 1yard line, who is all excited for his FB/Lead Block role, and he false starts - ugh. (Everyone feels bad for the big guy as Peko returns to the bench)
    Next play Dalton runs the ball to the 1, giving them 4th and 1...

    OF COURSE ... they sent Peko back out again for the same play.
    Peko run, Peko smash, Peko block, Bengals score!

    TOTALLY awesome playcall, HUGE props to Marvin Lewis - plus it beat tom brady!!

    2-1-NE 1 (11:02) 42-B.Green-Ellis right guard to NE 1 for no gain (50-R.Ninkovich).
    0-0- Timeout #1 by CIN at 10:14.
    3-1-NE 1 (10:14) PENALTY on CIN-94-D.Peko, False Start, 4 yards, enforced at NE 1 - No Play.
    3-5-NE 5 (10:14) (Shotgun) 14-A.Dalton left guard to NE 1 for 4 yards (25-K.Arrington).
    4-1-NE 1 (9:27) 42-B.Green-Ellis up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

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    I saw it. That false start was hilarious. Dude was the only player running his play. Looked like he was in motion until he ran into the Oline. Came back out and did work Ellis just followed his hair.


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