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    Originally posted by bowtown View Post
    It's almost like half the board totally overreacted and went off the deep end based on totally meaningless scrimmages meant to work specific formations and plays and test/prepare/compare players. Weird, right?

    I'm sure everyone will remember and learn from this mistake next year.
    Whatever do you mean?

    Originally posted by cutthemdown
    Broncos will struggle this yr trying to be the juggernaught everyone expected.

    Originally posted by cutthemdown
    I have no faith in the talent level of the interior oline and feel the defense is in trouble without half of the sacks from Doom and Miller they had last yr. I am judging the talent level i see more then how preseason unfolds but you can tell a lot from preseason. You can tell our running game isn't very good.


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      That's not a mistake, though; cutthemdown just has really high standards.


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        Originally posted by FISH View Post
        Thank goodness it was preseason.
        i remember this

        good times