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    Nice stuff Rev. Really appreciated!


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      "With all due respect, Mrs. Thompkins, Kenbrell is a lazy name."


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        Let's see your picks ATS.


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          Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
          Good stuff. Thx for the work put into it. I enjoyed the read.


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            Lots of good stuff in this. Your honorable mention in terms of favorable match-ups made me feel better.

            I liked this too:

            As much as I love DRC and Decker, resigning Wesley Woodyard must be the highest priority. Under Del Rio, Wesley has been the stabilizing force to our linebacker corps and a primary reason for the leap in performance of both our run defense and coverage over the middle–both previously Achilles heels to the Denver defense.
            He's probably the most underrated defender on this team.


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              Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
              Oh **** my bad. Let me get that and I'll get them up with an edit later today. I'm one game over .500 right now :/
              I am 2 below 500 which is -4 games from making money. I would be terrible if I didn't say screw it I'm betting Broncos everyweek regardless.

              NO PK

              Denver -7

              Denver/Dallas Over 56

              St Louis -11
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                Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                Free Money (Just a lil bit of):

                Chargers -4.5

                Kansas City -2.5

                Carolina -1.5

                San Fran -6

                Denver -7

                Cumulative: 6-5 ATS
                I like the Chargers, KC, and Denver picks.

                Not sure about the San Fran pick. Houston is a pretty good team if (big if) Schaub quits throwing picks.

                I have no feel for how good Arizona or Carolina are.


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                  Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                  Very good read, I'd suggest a follow up for next time.

                  How many changes said calls and hand signals weekly.


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                    I enjoyed it - just wish it was a bit longer...


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                      Great job. One of the best reads since camp reports.


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                        Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                        Hurry, Hurry, Omaha, Omaha, Alpha, Alpha

                        What do these mean? These are key words for offenses that can be rotated from week to week or play to play to disguise their meaning from the defense. The actual mechanics of this are important. The words are selected by ease of audible recognition as a response to crowd noise in opposing stadiums.

                        These words are far from meaningless attempts to confuse the defense, rather, vital communication to adjust to the defense–generally after Peyton makes them declare with a hard a count under center. Recently Peyton used “Omaha” to call a hot route, while “hurry hurry” was the impending snap, letting the offense know the snap is coming on his next count.

                        Example of a play:

                        Offense lines up at the line of scrimmage.
                        Peyton gets under center, to get the defense to declare.
                        Defense declares and shows blitz.
                        Peyton steps away yelling “Omaha” calling for a hot route, sometimes changes players positions.
                        Welker recognizes the Will backer and Strong safety showing blitz to his side and knows that means to hot route to a quick route on his side (maybe a slant or in into the vacated area).
                        Peyton makes more line calls and maybe a hard count.
                        Peyton yells “Hurry, hurry” for impending snap.
                        Snap on “set hut”.

                        Rest at:
                        This is nothing compared to how Gene Kranz handled the Apollo 13 explosion after Swigert stirred the tanks.

                        Locking down the MOCR and logging all the data was critical to get the CSM to declare the O2 Tank explosion and it was Gene who then called the audible to get the crew to move into the LM and call the Lifeboat option.

                        Just think how much more smarter Peyton would be if he read "Failure is not an Option"!





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                          Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                          Gikd stuff rev


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                            It could've been better.


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                              Really...who didn't know that "omaha" was a hot read, and "hurry, hurry" meant impending snap

                              Peyton has been doing stuff like this for his entire career......

                              <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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                                Originally posted by TheReverend View Post

                                Just kidding bro - nice work