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Questions for the podcast: Week 4 Eagles vs. Broncos

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  • Questions for the podcast: Week 4 Eagles vs. Broncos

    Holy $h!t. 52 points for this offense, breaking a previous franchise of 50. This offense seems unstopable. The only times that the Broncos get stopped is when our receiver drop passes (DECKER!).

    1.) I don't know if you guys have noticed but it seems like in the last few games that DT hasn't gotten the ball deep. Is this because of the way defenses are playing DT with deep safetey shell over him or is that just the way we're playing DT?
    2.) I think the one thing that would turn our offense greatest of all time to a true unstopable juggernaut is the run game. You think we could start using some FB sets to start blowing people out of the hole?
    3.) OJ hasn't had a game like he did vs. the ratbirds. What kind of defenses are you guys seeing being used against him?

    1.) Lets Give DRC some love here. He shut down one of the better WR in the NFL in Desean Jackson. Now JDR plays a lot of 1-1. Can it just be that simple and stop asking him play zone? Or is there something more to JDR coaching and DRC being a great player?
    2.) The eagles did expose a "chink" in our defensive armour with the read-option running game. Who the next read-option team that you see in the horizon that might give us fits like in this game?

    Note: I now a lot of people were p!$$ed that we weren't able to stop them in the first half with the read-option running. But I think that people have to remember is most of the yards we gave up was to Vick. And on traditional hand-offs Broncos shut down there run game.

    3.) We are still without Von in out pass defense. In the first half Broncos weren't able to generate a pass rush trying to keep there gap disapline. You think that once we get Von back we'll let the hounds loose?