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UltimateHoboW/Shotgun Camp Report 7-25-2013

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    You two really know how to ruin threads.


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      Originally posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
      Is there a bigger attention whore in the history of the mane than the Hopechest?
      Mighty Smurf? Although he doesn't have a chest tatoo.



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        Originally posted by DBroncos4life View Post
        You two really know how to ruin threads.
        The enthusiasm between the 2 is pretty amazing. It's become a pretty cool rivalry to watch.


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          It going to interesting to see how Sly fits into our system. DT's hardly ever contribute right away. He wasn't here today, but he did just sign his contract.

          As a whole, the group stuff the run well.

          There was nothing that anybody did individually that stood out.

          Miller: Played SLB all day. I read some where he is working on his coverage skills. However, he was never 1-1 with anybody. He was in his 5 yard chuck zone shoving TE's around.

          Irving: Had a good day. Sniffed out a couple of and blew then up. However, never was asked to cover 1-1 down the field.. Then again thats a lot to ask a LB to do with a TE or RB.

          Woodyard: Quite day. Nothing bad, nothing good.

          Travathan: Ran with the second team. He will be the danger to Woodyards hopes for a new contract. If he really steps up in a big way, it will make it a lot easier to let Woodyard walk. He does get good depth on his zone drops today.

          McCray: Had the Defensive play of the day. Made Ozzy look a little silly. Delay blitz on the weakside. Ozzy didn't see it and didn't audible out of the play or change the protection. Got there pretty fast too.

          Champ: Forget trying to throw the fade on Champ. Had that on lock! However, man coverage is hard for anybody. Let DT and Decker make catches on square-in routes.

          DRC: Made the jump of the day. I think that there is a pic of it somewhere. 1-1 vs. Decker. Decker had a step one him. But there was a little air under the ball and took a second for the ball to get there. DRC was able to turn around and make a swipe at the ball. Must have jumped a good 2-2.5 feet off the ground. Didn't swat the ball away but still impressive.

          Harris: Harris is good... just not against Welker anymore. Maybe its the way that JDR uses Harris cause I remember Harris having Welker on lock when Allen was our DC.

          Webster: Ran with the 2nd team. Played well against the 2's.

          Side note: I love having all these tall big DB's. I think Harris is the shortest at 5-9.

          Moore: Had a really good day. 1-1 drills made an int vs. a TE. Granted the TE was a little lazy in his route.

          Adams: We need a new guy soon. On 2 occasion during 7-7 he would have been called for Defensive hold or illegal contact down field. I know this drill is all about the offense but if you can't play clean now what's going to happen during the game?

          Bruton (sp?): Yes Bruton is the biggest fastest safety we have. However, he either has the worst instincts of everybody or he's not hitting the books enough. He looked a little lost. He did know enough to be the deep safety and wasn't beat deep. So that was good.


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            Originally posted by Bmore Manning View Post
            I am speaking in generalities.. Couldn't comment on what happened today. Just saying how those formations could work..

            What Guard got blown up today, let me guess Beadles..
            I don't think the G getting blown up was because it was poor play or technic. I think it was bad scheme. I've seen this block before. We called it "kick slide block". The idea is to invite the Dlinemen up the field then simply push him off balance against his shoulder. Thing is it only works when everything goes perfect. Which we all know football and that never happens.


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              Originally posted by pricejj View Post
              Alright. We speak the same language. So they weren't running Gibbs scheme? Was he out there barking orders? He freaking better be. I was counting on him shaping up the OL this year in the run game.
              Not sure. Had crap seating. But I didn't hear him. We all know he's a bit of a cuss.


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                Originally posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
                Hi ya'll first Camp report of 2013!

                First thing we all know I think we all know who will be the first and second team offense.

                For Defense: First team
                LDE: Wolfe
                LDT: Vickerson
                RDT: Knighton
                RDE: Ayers
                WLB: Woodyard
                MLB: Irving
                SLB: Miller
                LCB: DRC
                SS: Adams/Burton (Shared 1st team snaps)
                FS: Moore/Burton(Shared 1st team snaps)
                RCB: Champ

                Defense: Second Team/ Third Team
                LDE: Jackson
                LDT: Unrein
                RDT: Sealver
                RDE: Phillips
                WLB: Travathan
                MLB: Johnson
                SLB: McCray
                LCB: Harris
                SS: Ihenacho
                FS: Burton
                RCB: Webster
                Maybe this doesn't mean much since it's the first day of TC, but I am pleasantly surprised to see Webster just behind Harris on the depth chart. If he holds it, then hats off to the scouting staff!


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                  David noturb is playing lights out man


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                    I too am eager to see how David Bronson plays.


                    • Originally posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
                      David noturb is playing lights out man
                      Denver does seem to want him playing for some reason.


                      • Interesting not hearing much ab out quetin (sp?)carter.


                        • Originally posted by pricejj View Post
                          Not true. IAOFM was wrong. I have given you mountains of evidence to prove that, ut you continue to ride that boat over the edge of the earth. Vickerson, Knighton, Del Rio, and Fox have all mentioned 1-tech and 3-tech multiple times referring to Base Defense...Never, not once has anyone on the team EVER talked about 2-gapping except Derek Wolfe. The Broncos run a 4-3 Under.

                          1-tech and 3-tech DO NOT 2-gap, by very definition of the position.
                          Price I have told you this many times, it's not necessarily how you line up, but you continue to think if you line up as a 4-3 you one gap, or if you line up as a 3-4 you two gap.


                          • Any word on how #30 Charles Bronson has played at SS?


                            • Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
                              I too am eager to see how David Bronson plays.
                              How Bronson plays:

                              Last edited by BroncoInferno; 07-26-2013, 06:22 AM.


                              • Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
                                I too am eager to see how David Bronson plays.
                                No doubt. David Bundchen should be awesome this year.