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Kayvon Webster: What the draft analysts said about him

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  • Kayvon Webster: What the draft analysts said about him

    Kayvon Webster, CB, South Florida

    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 195
    Arm Length: 32 1/2"
    Hand width: 8 1/2"
    40-yard dash: 4.41
    Vertical jump: 35"
    Broad jump: 10' 05"
    225-lb. bench: 14 reps
    Short shuttle: 4.17
    3-cone drill: 6.89

    2009: 30 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1 INT, 2 PBU, 1 FR
    2010: 29 tackles, 1 TFL
    2011: 49 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 INT, 7 PBU, 1 FF, 1 FR
    2012: 82 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 sacks, 6 PBU, 3 FF
    Career: 32 games started, 190 tackles, 8.5 TFL, 2 sacks, 3 INT, 15 PBU, 4 FF, 2 FR

    Pro Football Weekly (Nolan Nawrocki) Analysis

    Rank: Not in Nawrocki's top 150, 27th-highest rated cornerback overall
    Grade: 5.13 (better-than-average chance to make an NFL roster)

    Postives: Looks the part and has excellent top-end speed. Athletic movement skills. Light on his feet and plays with bounce in his step. Transitions smoothly. Steps up with urgency to support the run. Physical tackler who will square up ballcarriers. Worked as a gunner. Started 32 career games. Has some upside.

    Negatives: Small hands. Pedals tall. Not an instinctive ballhawk (only three career interceptions). Not anticipatory. Does not trust what he sees. Yields separation at the break point. Tends to clutch and grab. Average leaping ability. Could stand to refine technique. Occasionally overruns or misses tackles in space.

    Summary: Rough-around-the-edges, size-speed prospect with developmental value in multiple schemes thanks to his raw physical tools. Has speed to factor on special teams, and could prove to be a value selection if his eyes, instincts, and technique catch up.

    Mel Kiper's Analysis

    Rank: Not in Mel's top 150, 34th-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: 6.0 (can make a club and contribute)

    No report written (Mel only did a write-up for his top 31 cornerbacks) Analysis

    Rank: Not listed on overall big board, 42nd-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: 52.0

    No report written on player profile page.

    Draft Insiders (Frank Coyle) Analysis

    Rank: 244 overall, 28th-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: 62

    Notes: Fast Senior corner has risen up charts nicely over his final season after displaying developing cover skills. Kayvon shows good awareness in zone coverage with the sure open field tackling to earn time in nickel and dime packages. He is an agile cover man who will jump routes and make plays. He has developed quickly in zone coverage with improving awareness and the reactions to break up passes. He needs strength work and needs to read routes better to use his athleticism to the fullest. He can handle the physicality of the t he game with sure tackling at the the line and especially in the open field. He can play bump and run with the toughness to control receivers and the speed and suddenness to close on the ball. He has the makeup of a a top special teams coverage defender and posssibly the gunner role in time. He fits into zone coverage clubs well and has the makeup to earn time in package defenses. Good athlete with developed technique to fill a few key roles. Rising defender with definite make it grade.

    CBS Sports (Rob Rang) Analysis

    Rank: 224th overall, 27th-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: N/A

    STRENGTHS: Webster is a balanced athlete with ideal top-end speed for the position. Quick in his backpedal with smooth footwork, appearing natural in his transition. Accelerates in a flash to click and close with smooth hips to easily redirect his momentum. Good awareness to make accurate reads and come off his man to make a play. Aggressive vs. the run and a willing, disciplined tackler (led team in tackles in 2012). Physical in coverage with a hard-nosed, confident attitude. Active blitzer off the corner.

    WEAKNESSES: Will get hung up on blocks and needs to develop his strength to quickly disengage. Needs to improve his feel and instincts, especially when his back is turned to the line of scrimmage. his eyes get caught in the backfield, which leads to false steps and tied up footwork. Too hands-on downfield and needs to improve his discipline and cover technique. Doesn't always trust what he sees, causing him to be hesitant and a step late. Streaky ballskills and needs to get his hands on the ball, finish INTs.

    National Football Post (Russ Lande) Analysis

    Rank: 155th overall, 20th-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: 5.5

    STRENGTHS - Webster has an extremely well-built frame and plays bigger than his measurables suggest. In press coverage he uses a strong punch to jam his man at the LOS, and does an excellent job of shadowing him down-field without taking interference penalties. He displays the speed needed to stay with most receivers in space and is an effective blitzer that disguises his attack well and has a knack for knocking the ball out of the QB's hand while finishing sacks. When he's aggressive with blockers he does a good job of defeating them with strong hands foot quickness, putting himself in good position to finish tackles in space.

    WEAKNESSES - Webster is not as effective in off and zone coverages because despite possessing good long speed, he lacks the burst needed to close effectively from off the ball. While he is generally physical in press, when he gives free releases off the LOS or the break, he is unable to recover and close the gap in time to play the ball. In games I evaluated he struggled playing the ball and did not display good instincts with the ball in the air. When he lets blockers get on top of him, he can get engulfed by bigger receivers and struggle to disengage. Although often in position, he misses too many tackles in space by ducking his head and going low, often failing to bring his arms and wrap up.

    SUMMARY - Kayvon Webster was an interesting player to evaluate because the defensive scheme at South Florida did not always play to his strengths, and often put him in difficult situations. When asked to play man press, he used his speed and physicality to knock his man off line and stay on his hip down-field, and consistently put himself in position to make plays on balls thrown his way. However, he was more often in off or zone coverage, where he did not display the burst and closing ability needed to prevent catches in front. His thick frame and natural strength allows him to consistently defeat blockers in space when he aggressively initiates contact, but he needs to do a better job of holding his ground and wrapping up in order to consistently finish tackles on runs to his side. Webster is worth an early day three selection, as he has the speed and physicality to potentially develop into a starter, or at least a nickel CB that adds production on blitzes from the slot.

    ESPN Scouts Inc. Analysis

    Rank: 111th overall, 16th-highest rated cornerback
    Grade: 69

    Instincts/Recognition: A confident and aggressive player. Very good eyes in zone coverage. Marks targets and keys QBs eyes well to get a quick beat on throws. Maintains proper leverage and positioning in man coverage particularly when bumped inside at the nickel back. Can read routes and flashes anticipation to jump routes. Will gamble on occasion and can become overzealous vs. double moves. Strong diagnostic skills vs. the run.

    Cover Skills: A fluid and explosive athlete. Quick feet. Natural and maintains leverage in pedal. Very balanced with movements and shows a quick stop/start out of breaks. Can open hips to turn and runs with receivers downfield. Does show some slight tightness when having to make a sudden 180 degree turn in off man coverage. Transitions quickly out of cuts and has an explosive closing burst to cut separation in a hurry. Flashes a second gear to recover when caught out of position.

    Ball Skills: Limited production and not a consistent playmaker at this point. Can anticipate and has the closing burst to get an early break on the ball. Does not always take quality angles to the point. Uses long arms well to get hands on throws when in position. Aggressive attacking the ball. Adequate hands and body control but will have an occasional drop. To his defense played a heavy dose of zone coverage on tape and did not have many opportunities to generate turnovers.

    Run Support: Tough, aggressive and plays with an edge in this department. Sets the edge with conviction. Uses long arms well to disengage from blocks. Has the innate ability to stay alive in the open field by shedding blocks in the proper direction and also protecting his feet. Closes quickly, shows above-average body control and has long arms to hog-tie ball carriers legs on the fly. Breaks down well and is extremely reliable as an open field tackler.

    Draft Insider (Tony Pauline) Analysis

    Rank: Not on 150-man big board, 38th-highest rated cornerback overall
    Grade: Free Agent

    Positive: Tough cornerback who will be best in a zone system. Quick up the field. Aggressive in run defense and works hard to make plays on the ballcarrier. Shows the ability to stay with receivers out of breaks. Effectively positions himself to make plays on the ball and has a nice move to the throw.

    Negative: Lacks a smooth, quick backpedal, which hurts his ability to drive to the ball out of his plant.

    Analysis: Webster possesses next level size/speed numbers and has flashed ability the past two seasons but consistently leaves scouts thinking he's capable of more. He needs to have a big camp during the summer to make a final roster this September but has the skills to do so.

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    So basically according to everyone you quoted... We got hosed.


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      Originally posted by CBF1 View Post
      So basically according to everyone you quoted... We got hosed.
      Don't forget all 32 participants of the Orange Mane Mock Draft -- no one thought much of him there, either.

      Basically, it's Elway vs. the world on this one.


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        Originally posted by CBF1 View Post
        So basically according to everyone you quoted... We got hosed.
        Seems like he has potential, but yeah....probably bad value. Although its kinda comparable to the EJ Manuel situation in Buffalo. If he's your guy, then you go get him. I trust they know more than we do, but at first glance, probably could have waited another round or two...


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          Reminds me of the Paul Toviessi pick.


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            From his positives and negatives I read, it looks like he simply needs to get coached up on how to be corner. If he has the basic athletic ability they seem to imply, I don't see how Champ watching over him will not yield very positive results. Even worst case scenario, and this guy is a Roc Alexander, screw it. Elway has led this franchise from 4-12 to 13-3 in two years. One bad draft pick in the 3rd round really isn't something to be mad about. From what I've seen on Williams and Ball are that they are incredibly high quality picks. I trust John.


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              Originally posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
              Reminds me of the Paul Toviessi pick.
              not even close to the same thing. Toviessi was injured and it got worse.
              same thing with Middlebrooks, Foster and one other who's name escapes me at the moment.


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                @ the scouts analysis, they contradict each other.... they don't know sh*t ... My guess is Elway took him b/c he can tackle & plays man coverage well, he will prob be the gunner on special teams... Was he a reach in the 3rd? --- probably


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                  watch him make some plays in preseason and become everyones favorite new player.


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                    at people thinking those draft websites are more knowledgeable than the Broncos scouting department.


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                      As many have said before there isn't a whole lot of difference between these guys now taken in the 3rd-6th or so.


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                        Originally posted by eddie mac View Post
                        As many have said before there isn't a whole lot of difference between these guys now taken in the 3rd-6th or so.
                        You know as well as I do, that there are and were big time players on the board..


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                          Originally posted by i4jelway7 View Post
                          @ the scouts analysis, they contradict each other.... they don't know sh*t ... My guess is Elway took him b/c he can tackle & plays man coverage well, he will prob be the gunner on special teams... Was he a reach in the 3rd? --- probably
                          David Bruton was resigned for his gunner/ST talents.

                          This guy has Nickle/Dime and SS written all over him.


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                            Fluff piece btw.

                            Yes it's B/R, but hey, has some info.


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                              Originally posted by UberBroncoMan View Post
                              David Bruton was resigned for his gunner/ST talents.

                              This guy has Nickle/Dime and SS written all over him.
                              Wasn´t Matt Willis a gunner too? Who is probably cut after pre-season.

                              But i´m with you he could get the big-nickel job.