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OT- Windows 8 or a MacBook?

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  • Originally posted by gyldenlove View Post
    I have crashed every mac I have worked with the last 5 years - and I always get the same response, that is weird it never does that when I use it.

    If it wasn't so expensive and more software ran on mac OS I would consider it, but it is just too limited for me.
    Yep, I helped my friend who is also my guitar teacher buy an iMac 27" last year, she paid well over $3k for it. Got it unboxed and set up and it locked up right away after we installed Office on it. I give it credit, after a couple of lockups it did finally work.

    Her old mac crashed hard when doing an OS upgrade to Leopard so she broke down and bought a new one.

    But Mac's are perfect...