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    Dems pump up impeachment talk in appeal for support, campaign bucks

    In a matter of days, Democrats looking to head off Republican gains in November have turned scattered talk of President Obama's impeachment into a sustained rallying cry -- even managing to fundraise off the perceived threat.

    The campaign arm for House Democrats has been sending out a barrage of fundraising emails warning of the impeachment threat, and claims to have raised roughly $2 million in their latest push.

    The president and first lady Michelle Obama have warned of that possibility on the stump. And a top White House official even said Friday “it would be foolish to discount” a bona fide impeachment push by Republicans.

    The frenzied warnings have Republicans scratching their heads – after all, few if any in the party brass are openly pushing impeachment -- and accusing the other side of ginning up the controversy for political gain.

    “You know, this might be the first White House in history that's trying to start the narrative of impeaching their own president,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., told “Fox News Sunday.”

    From the Democratic side, warnings that Republicans might try to impeach Obama potentially strengthen their case, among supporters, for why Democrats should keep control of the Senate. Under the Constitution, even though the House votes to impeach, it is the Senate that weighs whether to convict. Without a majority of support in the Senate, any GOP-backed impeachment push would ultimately fail.

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin kicked off the impeachment headlines earlier this month when she penned a column calling for it. But to date, most senior Republicans have shied away from that call.

    House Speaker John Boehner stood by his decision to proceed with a lawsuit against the president over alleged abuse of executive power, and would not sign on to the impeachment idea. Even Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., one of the most conservative members of the House GOP caucus, would not get on board with impeachment (though she did back impeaching “certain officials in the Executive Branch.")

    Scalise said Sunday it’s apparent “the White House wants to talk about impeachment.”

    He added: “And, ironically, they're going out and trying to fundraise off that, too.”

    At the same time, Scalise would not say whether impeachment is off the table, despite being asked repeatedly. This only fueled Democrats’ claims that impeachment is the next big thing for Republicans.

    “The fact that the third-highest-ranking Republican in the House is refusing to rule out impeachment offers a stunning view of the extreme measures this Republican Congress will take to push their reckless partisan agenda,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel said in a statement. “Republicans will spend the final week before their summer vacation plotting their lawsuit against the President, and now Scalise just made it clear that impeachment is absolutely on the table for House Republicans.”

    Democrats are also fundraising off Boehner’s vow to bring suit against the president. But Democratic leaders, including the president, quickly began connecting the lawsuit and impeachment, blurring the lines between the two.

    “You hear some of them – ‘sue him,’ ‘impeach him.’ Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job?” Obama said earlier this month in Austin, Texas.

    White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Friday that Boehner “opened the door” to impeachment by going down the lawsuit path.

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest later defended the comments, saying “senior members of the Republican political party or certainly prominent voices” were calling for it.

    Still, aside from impeachment proceedings being politically perilous for the party that initiates them, a new Fox News poll underscores that the public has little appetite for impeachment at this point.

    The poll, released last week, found voters think, by a 58-37 margin, that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority. But 61 percent oppose impeachment.

    “There is no appetite for impeachment for the president,” Scott Brown, the former Republican New Hampshire senator who is running against for the seat again this year, told Fox News on Monday.

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    Sarah Palin is a Godsend to Democrats.... perhaps the best things thats happened to them since 2008 when it comes to campaigns and PR....


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      Obama is laughing at repubs right now

      Republican voters may like to fantasize about Congress impeaching President Obama from time to time, but not nearly as much as Democratic leaders do.

      Congressman Steve Israel, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, gushed to reporters on Tuesday that a combination of loose talk about impeachment among Republicans and the House’s health care lawsuit against Obama are energizing Democrats ahead of November elections.

      “I think that the Republican strategy of lawsuits and approaching impeachment is fundamentally misfiring,” Israel told reporters at a breakfast briefing hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “I understand their strategy is intended to chin up their base but it’s having the unintended consequence of moving our base in the midterm election in a big way and also moving persuadable swing voters to us.”

      “We have no plans to impeach to the president, we have no future plans. It’s all a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”


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        Looks like the house actually voted on something important to all righties, how does it feel to have a bunch of clowns in the party you support?


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          From a partisan standpoint YAAY!

          From the it's just another sad day for America standpoint Boo!


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            Durst: Republicans are stuck on stuck
            By Will Durst
            Published: Monday, July 28, 2014 at 10:03 AM.

            "Just following the will of the people." That's been the GOP rationalization for accomplishing absolutely nothing for five and a half years. Doesn't matter what the issue is. Immigration. Jobs. Infrastructure. Climate change. Banking reform. The proliferation of substandard dental schools in Nebraska.

            According to them, the people want... zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And to mask their inaction, Republicans have coordinated a feeding frenzy that would make rabid hyenas jealous.

            Something about Obama drives them crazier than chocolate banana fritters with raspberry sprinkles in a bento box. Maybe because he's the smartest guy in the room and not the least bit shy about sharing that opinion. Maybe he's the ultimate anti-Bush. Or there's something about him that looks different. Extremely different. Could be the ears.


            What it boils down to is "Open Season on Obama." The memos have circulated. The strategy is conspicuous. To derail any possible presidential accomplishment by stalling progress and tossing a continuous slew of dastardly insults onto and at his person. And the mud is flying faster than fingers in a steno pool. Different circus. Same clowns.

            John Boehner plans to sue the President. For what? Not even he knows, but you can be sure, the term "smarty pants" will be bandied about. He did drop some tidbit about objecting to the President changing the employer mandate to Obamacare, but that can't be the source of his irritation, since the GOP insisted on it. It would be like slapping some other family's child for obeying you.

            Dick Cheney called him the worst president of his lifetime. Which is quite a coincidence, since many argue Dick Cheney was the worst president of Obama's lifetime. Obama should actually take solace from this charge, since Dick Cheney has been pretty much wrong about pretty much everything since at least 1999.

            Sarah Palin called for the POTUS to be impeached. And Sarah Palin demanding punishment of someone for not properly fulfilling an office is another of those "pot with the kettle and the color black" situations the Republicans are so renown. The needle on the irony meter just crazy spun then melted.

            Rick Perry accused the President of orchestrating the conspiracy responsible for a deluge of Central American kids crossing the border. And he said it while wearing his new studious looking glasses, so you know he's serious. Also, the fact he correctly pronounced the word "conspiracy," is a huge upgrade.

            These attacks are perfectly timed to kick the President while he's down. Right now his approval rating has sunk lower than scorpion- infested, throw- pillows filled with mold spores. Like a tray of hickory smoked baby back ribs at a PETA convention. Tacks in a bath. What Obama needs is a Rob Ford, Francois Hollande moment. A video of him naked, smoking crack with Lindsay Lohan, to go viral.

            Republicans even complain Obama is a do- nothing President. With Mitch McConnell stalling every advance in the Senate and the House and Supreme Court lined up against him, it's a miracle they're able to get Flag Day commemorations through Congress.

            Makes a person worry this political paralysis may be the new normal and we'll never be able to affect positive change ever again. Instead of the status quo, we got the status no. America has gotten stuck... on stuck.


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              immigration reform? Nope
              Infrastructure? Nope
              Minimum wage hike? Nope
              Suing the prez? Yeehaw!

              Bunch of do nothing clowns