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The Ginsberg Hypothesis

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  • The Ginsberg Hypothesis

    I was reading all the rumors about Ginsberg "perhaps" retiring. At least the powers that be in the Democratic Party are doing all they can to convince her to retire. The thinking is that if a Republican wins the WH and Ginsburg, 81, then retires, the court will be stacked with Right Wingers for the foreseeable future.

    So, reading all this stuff, a thought occurred to me. If Ginsburg does step down and Obama gets to choose her replacement, given the current ferocity of the Right Wing radicals against this president, we would probably be facing the nastiest confirmation fight in history. Which then led me to think about the various strategies the Right would employ to kill the nominee and I was left with one conclusion: They would impeach Obama.

    You heard it here first.

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    There would be no confirmation. If there was, due to the current makeup of the senate the choice would be considerably to the right of Ginsburg. Better off waiting it out.