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Main Governor all cuddly with Domestic Terrorist group that kills police officers

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  • Main Governor all cuddly with Domestic Terrorist group that kills police officers

    Maine governor admits to meeting with individuals tied to domestic terror movement

    Maine Gov. Paul LePage is facing intense scrutiny this week after his office confirmed details of an investigation that claims the Republican official met with several members of an anti-government network that the FBI has called a “domestic terrorist movement.”

    Relying on documents obtained through a Freedom of Access request, journalist Mike Tipping says LePage held eight meetings with individuals connected to the sovereign citizens movement, a loosely affiliated group of individuals who challenge the authority of state and federal governments. The FBI says individuals connected with the movement have been responsible for the murder of six police officers since 2000.

    On Monday, LePage’s office confirmed that the governor had held meetings with individuals connected to the movement. However, LePage’s press secretary told the Maine Public Broadcasting Network that criticism of the governor was politically motivated and timed to hurt his re-election efforts.
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    Republicans want to be the Ainti-government party. What they neeed to realize is that there are a lot of Wackos out there that believe in this and they will get themselves into trouble trying to pacify their base.
    Maine is conservative state but very commonsense conservative. He could lose his job if the Dems have some one electable running against him.
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      I also cannot understand why all these anti government wackos hate cops. A good majority of cops are conservative. Why are they killing them all the time? Same with the right-winged wackos that killed those Las Vegas police officers.

      yes, Wackos is the key word for this thread.


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        No sure what's worse, meeting domestic terrorists or socializing with them like Obama was and even announcing his run for president at a terrorist's house.
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          Not sure what's funnier - Main or demostic.