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Still feel SAFE flying? Affirmative Action at work....

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  • Still feel SAFE flying? Affirmative Action at work....

    "Biographically INELIGIBILE"

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    I'm not surprised. I hope the airlines don't do this. In 2012 on the way back home to Denver from a vacation in Tampa, I had my first female airline pilot ever. She did a splendid job, but I found myself questioning her ability (I'm a woman, mind you) because I am not familiar with how AA programs impact airline pilot jobs and promotions.

    I couldn't help thinking, "But is she qualified?"

    Typically, liberals are so brain dead they consign this off to bigotry or "hating my gender" (as I've heard before) without consideration of the quality of candidates being promoted under quota programs, but it is a VERY legitimate question to ask.


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      That doesn't seem smart. But then again when are federal agencies ever all that smart? That is why we keep things like healthcare insurance private, oh wait. DAMN!