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Net Neutrality Already a Thing of the Past

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  • Net Neutrality Already a Thing of the Past

    Many large tech companies -- including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook -- have quietly brokered deals with Internet providers to ensure their content is not slowed as it travels through their networks, according to a blog post published Wednesday by telecom analyst Dan Rayburn.

    It's unclear whether these deals were brokered before or after a federal court in January struck down rules that maintained net neutrality, which is the principle that all Internet traffic should be equally accessible to consumers. But Rayburn, an analyst at the research firm Frost & Sullivan, said such arrangements between web companies and Internet providers are nothing new.

    Here's my question. Okay, the providers are already buying in to the pay for flow system. But how long before the providers turn to the users and start demanding the same thing? I give it three years at most, especially given that there will be very few providers. Maybe only two? Hi-speed users will need to buy the "Premium" package. Then you'll have some kind of middle-of -the-road package. And the poor folks will be left with the "Basic." And you'll still have to watch the ads.

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    Pretty much knew this was coming.


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      The next few weeks are going to be hellish for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

      Republicans set to try to claw back net neutrality win

      Hot on the heels of his saving the internet, he'll have to justify himself to a bunch of raving lunatics.


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        You can always count on these schmucks to be on the wrong side of the issue...

        Everybody is happy with Net Neutrality? Not the Republicans.

        Republicans spin net neutrality conspiracy theories at first 'fact-finding' hearing

        Congressional Republican "fact-finding" on net neutrality has begun, and is pretty much as obnoxious as you'd expect....