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A Biker, a Cowboy, a Curmudgeon and a Governor...

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  • A Biker, a Cowboy, a Curmudgeon and a Governor...

    Idaho Debate Gets Wacky

    What happens when you put a sitting governor, a biker named “Harley” and a man with a fantastic Santa Claus beard on stage together?

    Answer: This astonishing hour-long Idaho GOP primary debate, which included racial jokes, a nuclear conspiracy theory, and such spicy biographical details as that time one candidate was “livin in Fat Jack’s cellar."

    This is what happens when you let ALL the candidates in the debate.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Butch Otter is the governor. I thought Butch was the biker and Otter was the old rancher.


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      haha that was great.


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        Nothing like a little genuine frontier gibberish.


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          4:45 Harley -playing army man, Commander and chief "Don't think I'm crazy".

          8:30 Harley - Discrimination , playboy bunnies in a mini skirts, sniff'n dogs, gays love each other more than I love my cycle.

          9:55 Cowboy Santa - whips out the bible and reads until stopped

          12:30 Senator Curmudgeon - Gay marriage will conflict with freedom of religion

          9:45 Harley - I hit everybody (jokes), bondage, turd in a punch bowl.

          22:00 Cowboy Santa - shoot ya, jail time, abortion

          23:30 Biker - "Hey diddle diddle right up the middle"

          25:00 Cowboy Santa - Eastern idiots, Wife don't need drivers licenses

          27:00 Gov. - We're not going to go back over our mistakes made

          32:15 Cowboy Santa - I killed a wolf (even when it was on the endangered species list and took the game warden on too.) Get our land back .

          33:30 Harley - I have a masters degree in raising hell. Going to use spiritual warfare on the feds.

          36:00 Cowboy Santa - take the land back and logging & mining will pay for the millions the feds now pay for fire fighting

          43:00 Biker - Proctology and democrats, libertarians just too tiny

          43:45 Cowboy Santa - half Demo's are communists and half the Repubs are demo's.

          52:30 Harley - God told me he was going to make me president and a Bishop from African backs it up in I went and got my tattoo of the presidential seal... in fat jack's cellar, A biker, a cowboy, a curmudgeon, or a normal guy take your pick.

          54:00 Cowboy Santa - Wormwood, end of days, Potassium Iodide pills!