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what was CIA director Brennan doing in Ukraine?

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  • what was CIA director Brennan doing in Ukraine?

    White House: Brennan was in Kiev this weekend

    The White House confirmed Monday that CIA Director John Brennan traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, in recent days as part of a longer trip to Europe.

    Russian media reported Brennan's visit to Kiev this past weekend, raising suspicions about it.

    Those suspicions are unwarranted, said White House spokesman Jay Carney, adding that Brennan was only meeting with intelligence counterparts in Ukraine.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney made a statement about Brennan's visit:

    "Well, we don't normally comment on the CIA director's travel, but given the extraordinary circumstances in this case, and the false claims being leveled by the Russians at the CIA, we can confirm that the director was in Kiev this weekend as part of a trip to Europe.

    "Senior level visits of intelligence officials are a standard means of fostering mutually beneficial security cooperation, including U.S.-Russian intelligence collaboration going back to the beginnings of the post-Cold War era.

    "U.S. and Russian intelligence officials have met over the years. To imply that U.S. officials meeting with their counterparts is anything other than in the same spirit is absurd."

    From the Associated Press:

    "Ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych is accusing the CIA of being behind the new government's decision to turn to force. But the CIA denies that Brennan encouraged Ukrainian authorities to conduct tactical operations."

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    We know that before being named director Brennan was deeply involved in the CIA torture program.


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      Did Brennan give the Kiev regime another green light? To start repression of pro-Russian protesters?

      APRIL 15, 2014

      Washington Drives the World Toward War
      The Attack on Russia is Mounting

      The CIA director was sent to Kiev to launch a military suppression of the Russian separatists in the eastern and southern portions of Ukraine, former Russian territories for the most part that were foolishly attached to the Ukraine in the early years of Soviet rule.


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        Still waiting for the doofs of the board to comment on this. Yawn.