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Article: Could the Military Have Done Anything to Stop Another Fort Hood Massacre

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  • Article: Could the Military Have Done Anything to Stop Another Fort Hood Massacre

    Interesting article I came across today. How does everybody else feel about the recent shooting?

    At this point, it is not clear what, if anything, the military could have done to stop Wednesday's shooting. In the aftermath of the 2009 Fort Hood attack, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered sweeping review of security procedures at military facilities, which recommended a series of policy changes to help commanders identify potential "insider threats," focusing largely on individuals who had been radicalized and could pose a terrorist threat. Just two weeks ago, Hagel announced another set of new security measures in response to the Navy Yard shooting, including more rigorous screening of personnel working on military bases. But it is not clear yet whether any of these measures should have been able to stop Lopez, an active service man with a clean military record. Taken together, the three shootings prove that there probably is no silver bullet solution that will stop unhinged people from shooting up a military baseā€”or a movie theater, or a shopping mall, or a school.

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    The recipe:

    Take several thousand people, do everything possible to strip their humanity from them, train them to kill, send them off to a war zone where many come back with PTSD, stuff them in confined areas, give them access to firearms and alcohol.

    Not much you can do to prevent these types of things. There's a reason the military has it's own internal police force.