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Here is the list of our military elite who have been purged or fired under Obama:

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  • Here is the list of our military elite who have been purged or fired under Obama:

    Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented.Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the 'purg' of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place. As you will see below, dozens of highly decorated military leaders have been dismissed from their positions over the past few years. So why is this happening? What is going on right now is absolutely crazy especially during a time of peace. Is there a deliberate attempt to reshape the military and remove those who don't adhere to the proper 'viewpoints' ? Does someone out there feel a need to get officers that won't cooperate out of the way?

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    Things are definitely changing in the military. Not for the better IMO. Can't wait to retire in a year.


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      Sorry to come in and crap all over your paranoia parade Baja, but this issue is not a conspiracy.

      The list provided on the site in the OP includes Army Colonels and Naval Captains and Commanders - down to rank O-5. When you weed those out, you're left with +/- 30 flag officers supposedly "purged" since 2011.

      Do you know how many flag officers there are on active duty at any point in time?


      What one trait do all flag officers share?

      They're old. As in: near retirement. In any given year, +/- 10% of the flag rank officers on active duty are compelled to retire due to age or time in service limits.

      And that's before you factor in the active "down sizing" that's going on service wide. From top to bottom.

      here's a mid-2013 news story to get you started:

      So, if anything, the list on that website is light. That dude should have been able to find a couple of hundred flag officers "fired" or "forcibly retired" since 2011. And that's just in any normal 2 year period - just business as usual in the largest military the world has ever seen.

      In order for these levels to be "unprecedented", we would need to see literally hundreds of names.
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        wait wait wait, you're missing the real story from that link!

        Just how many clones DOES Obama have?


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          Obama can't even spell respect, let alone give it.