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Jindal: DOJ 'More Interested In Skin Color' Than Education

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  • Jindal: DOJ 'More Interested In Skin Color' Than Education

    "Tuesday evening, those proposals were filed. Read DOJ's filing here and the state's counter-filing here. Jindal wasted no time in harshly criticizing the Justice Department's plan. According to the governor's office:

    ...President Obama’s Justice Department is not backing down from its proposal to institute a 45-day period where it can review and have veto power over each individual award. Furthermore, the Justice Department is now requesting information on the racial makeup of Louisiana private schools.

    Jindal pulled no punches in his characterization of Justice's position:

    I am also shocked to learn that the Justice Department is now asking for the state to provide an analysis of the racial composition of our states private schools. The federal government’s new request is a frightening overreach of the federal government and shows it knows no bounds.

    President Obama’s Department of Justice has admitted it cannot prove that Louisiana school choice is violating desegregation efforts, yet it continues to seek the ability to tell a parent their child cannot escape a failing school because their child is not the "right" race.

    The Department of Justice proposal reeks of federal government intrusion and proves the people in Washington running our federal government are more interested in skin color than they are in education.

    The governor's statement also provided a description of the proposal filed by the state of Louisiana, which would not eliminate the federal role, but would minimize Justice's involvement and shift the burden of proof of discrimination to the DOJ:

    The State of Louisiana’s proposal offers to share data about applicants, awards, and public school enrollment with the Justice Department for the 2014-15 school year. This would mean that, in total, the Justice Department would have three years of data about the Scholarship program and its effect on public school enrollment, as the state has already provided data and analysis for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years. The State proposes that once three years of data has been provided to the Justice Department, the burden should be on them to prove implementation of the Scholarship Program violates law or the Constitution. The Justice Department to this point has failed to prove the Scholarship Program has impeded the Brumfield order. "

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    The hypocrisy by liberals just never ends. Now their messiah and the idiots in his admin. on one hand think black kids get unfairly punished for misbehavior, yet they don't agree with school choice and vouchers so parents can pick a school that doesn't supposedly violate the rights of their kids simply because the unions tell them not to. And liberals are allowed to drive and vote. It's scary.