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Important - Please Read Before Posting - Orange Mane Forum Guidelines

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  • Important - Please Read Before Posting - Orange Mane Forum Guidelines

    We've recently experienced an influx of posters who come directly here to WRP and thus, may have missed this important content direct from our benevolent forum admin.

    Originally posted by Taco John View Post
    The goal of the Orange Mane is to build and provide online community for the purpose of discussing the Denver Broncos. These guidelines are intended to provide clarity on what is and isn’t acceptable on the Orange Mane.

    Rule number one: Use your head. Mods will use the following guidelines to determine appropriate actions, however, mods are given discretion to act in order to be stewards of this community. No set of rules can perfectly govern a popular message board, so moderators are encouraged to consider intention when taking action where formal rules may not exist. You can protect yourself from what you may perceive as “arbitrary action” by using your head.

    The Orange Mane wants people who use their heads and largely moderate themselves. However, because this is the Internet, and because this forum is popular, we have established these guidelines to help maintain a healthy community.

    Use the Ignore Feature: Each poster has the first responsibility to protect themselves from interactions with posters that they don’t care for by using the ignore feature. This is the Internet – not everyone is going to like what you have to say. If you find someone who will not leave you alone, your first course of action should be to put that poster on ignore. Of course, this is not a perfect solution, but it is the first step towards achieving a perfect solution. You will not see direct posts, reputation comments, or receive personal messages from people who are on your ignore list, eliminating any direct contact with this person.

    Family Smack is Strictly Prohibited: Family smack is not tolerated on this forum – your disagreements are with the person involved, not their family members. When you attack someone’s family members, you are not discussing football, or anything that adds to the forum/community. You’re merely trying to find a way to damage the person you are engaging in discussion with. This is unacceptable, and mods are asked to ban with impunity where even the smallest infringement of family smack happens. The point of this forum is to build community around our common interest, and family smack only serves as a detriment to this aim.

    Vulgar content and conduct are discouraged: Language and images that cross the line of vulgarity will be punished accordingly. Vulgarity, of course, is a relative concept. What is vulgar to one person may not be vulgar to another. We refer you back to rule number one on this: use your head. We aim to be towards the cultural mainstream in this regard. Comments or images that are considered to be derogatory, disgusting, hateful, offensive, or just plain crude will be dealt with at the moderators discretion. We use the “I know it when I see it” standard established by the US Supreme court ( (please note that this applies to avatars as well as images posted in the forum - when in doubt, see rule one).
    Language Filters: Language filters are put in place to help damper vulgarity. Feel free to let fly, but don’t bypass the language filters with creative spellings or symbols. Even with the filters in place, people can easily figure out what you are trying to say, so just say it. If you must swear, let the language filters do their job, and let the posters fill in the blanks where the language you want to convey is concerned.

    Racy/violent images: We use the “high school locker door” standard here. If the image you are posting wouldn’t get you suspended from if you hung it on your high school locker door (or work cubicle, or work locker, etc), you’ll be ok here. Using this as a standard, it should go without saying that nudity is not acceptable. Some images may pass on artistic merit, but these images will need to be more on the suggestive side of the line, and not the vulgar side (see rule one).

    Hate Speech: Hate speech is considered vulgarity. Hate slurs will be met with bans. Innuendos that are considered as hate speech will be met with bans. Mods are asked to consider intention when addressing hate speech, and to ban accordingly.

    The Orange Mane endeavors to be a “Safe for Work” forum. If you post something that is likely to get the domain flagged in work filters and potentially get someone in hot water with their boss, our moderators are going to react accordingly.

    Aggressive Threats Prohibited - Aggressive threats against any member of this forum (even fans of other teams) will lead to a permanent and aggressive ban. This includes all forms of messaging on this site, including private messages and rep messages.

    Personal Attacks – Sometimes you think someone is an idiot and you want to tell them as much. But if you’re going to call someone an idiot, you’d better back up your words with something of substance because if an argument devolves into two (or more) people calling each other idiots, none of them are using their heads or showing any amount of respect to the community, and both of them are subject to receiving a ban. While some forums see this issue in black and white will ban over the smallest slight, this forum recognizes that there is a gray area – this is a football discussion forum. Football is a competitive sport. Smack is part of the culture, but there is a line and it will be judged by such criteria as substance, vulgarity, and consistency. If your attacks comes with no substance, are vulgar, or it seems that all you add to the forum is attacks on people who disagree with you, you put yourself at risk for a ban period (or even permanent exile). Mods will have discretion on this. The best way to protect yourself is to moderate your vulgarity, and provide substance: facts and content.

    Fans of Opposing Teams – This is a privately owned site maintained by Broncos fans and devoted to building community around Denver Broncos football. For the most part, we enjoy interacting with the fans of lesser teams, but please do keep in mind that this is our home turf and if the only thing you offer is trolling and distraction, we may take action to seek relief from you. Opposing fans who manage to weave themselves into our community have done so by providing facts and content, and by choosing to take the high road more often than the low road.

    One account per poster – Posters who create duplicate accounts for the purposes of circumventing a ban (or for the purposes of being a troll) will have their duplicate accounts banned, and the bans on their main accounts extended. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently and aggressively.
    Usernames – Accounts with user names that are offensive or trollish will be banned.

    Spam – All forms of spam and spamming is strictly prohibited. This is not eBay. That said, users who have been a part of this community for an extended period of time will be given leeway on things such as the sales of their memorabilia. Such things as posting random racy images in the hopes of garnering mojo will be considered spam. That said, there is a time and place for everything. Use your head.

    False news – Posting fake news is strictly prohibited. Few things will get you banned quicker than posting a fake story during a sensitive news period.

    Honor original content – We ask that you honor original content produced by other sites by giving proper credit, URLs, author names, and most importantly please use excerpts and not post full stories. People are trying to make a living out there providing content, and this forum aims be a symbiotic towards increasing the economy for those providing content, and not be a detriment to their efforts.
    Please use descriptive post titles – Please use the headline format for posting, and not just (for instance) a player’s name. Give some context about the player or subject that you would like to discuss. We like our thread titles to enrich and illuminate the topic being discussed in order to enrich the forum and give people the opportunity to use discretion in their selection of threads to read. Moderators may change thread titles to more accurately reflect or provide context to the discussion.

    Adhere to the advice and recommendations of the moderators and administrators of this forum – Our moderators have been carefully selected for their characteristics, attitudes and values that have been set for this forum. They have been instructed to enforce board rules, guidelines and policies exercising as much restraint as possible, and in such a way to encourage free expression of opinion. They have been entrusted and empowered with the ability and authority to enforce our standards.

    Please Respect the Privacy of Posters and NFL Personnell - Please do not post the direct personal contact information of your fellow posters, or NFL personnel without their expressed permission.

    Neg Rep Bombing - Neg rep bombing is considered abuse of the system and is an example of not using your head.

    Appealing moderator action – The public forum is not the place to appeal moderator action. Such threads will be moved out of the main forum and closed at the acting mods discretion. Please observe the spam guideline and not spam complaints about mod action in the main forum. If you wish to appeal a banning, send an email to [email protected] or send a PM to the moderator directly, or to the administrator of this forum, Taco John. If you have been banned and do not hear back from us, consider the appeal denied.

    Moderators are volunteers who have demonstrated a love for the Denver Broncos, as well as the Orange Mane community at large. They are tasked with being the standard bearers of this community – though they are all fallible. The mods are just people who love the Broncos, love this discussion forum, and are trying to do the best they can with the tools they have. If you never have anything nice to say about a mod, then you probably shouldn’t say anything at all – and frankly, you might consider finding another community where you think the mods and guidelines are more to your liking. This forum is not going to tolerate the faithful servants of this forum being publically ridiculed for their service any more than it will tolerate the posters being punished arbitrarily. We strive for balance in everything we do – and most of the time, we succeed (nobody is perfect).

    Last Rule: Use your head. The forum moderators and administrators will act in a way towards protecting the integrity and health of this community. This means that there may be infractions that may not be directly spelled out here. Please use your head when participating in this forum. Final note: The admin of this forum reserves the right to ban people who are believed to be a bad fit. This action is not ever taken lightly, and rarely happens, but the right is nevertheless reserved.