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Here's how stupid and incompetent Colorado Democrats are

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  • Here's how stupid and incompetent Colorado Democrats are

    I'd love to see an explanation from Polis or Hancock or any of these other buffoons pushing lockdowns and partial-lockdowns.

    While these morons have been placing everyone on virtual house arrest and destroying the economy at the same time, causing an ongoing and worsening crisis in the ability of people to pay for their homes, automobiles, schooling, children, food, utilities, etc. and now making it worse by trying to shut down mail service to two states, locking down mails containing paychecks and medicines, we have had key essential businesses up and running 24/7 the whole time and doing quite well.

    Colorado's jails and prisons.

    Now the question is why this model isn't being followed everywhere, in all sectors of the economy, so that people can continue to function and put food on the table.

    What are these places doing? Common sense:

    1) Staff are self-monitoring for symptoms
    2) Work stations and staff areas are being disinfected
    3) Staff with symptoms are tested and are taken off duty until the result is in. If it's negative, they go back to work. If it's positive, they're put on sick leave until they get a negative test and then return to work.
    4) Remaining, healthy staff keep working and cover overtime if necessary to pick up the slack.

    That way people stay employed, food stays on the table, people aren't put into dire desperation, and the country keeps running.

    There is ZERO rationale for why the city of Denver is trying to force a post office to close over a handful of cases among staff while it's own jails remain open in spite of over 200 positive cases among both inmates and staff. The decision-making here is inconsistent, incoherent, and shutting down mails is harmful to those who need the items of existence in those mails.

    But of course the "free" press isn't going to be raising these questions because as we've seen they're playing blocker for the political lockdown crowd to such a degree they're refusing to air or are actively deleting videos from doctors and virologists who dissent from the prevailing course of policy. As part of their deference to power, they also aren't asking whether there are better courses of action that can be taken that don't put millions of people in economic jeopardy and they certainly aren't going to discuss the many emergent international studies that show the lethality rate is far lower than initially thought which throws into question these policies and why they continue to begin with.

    And here's another point to consider: Where have we seen evidence that the economic impact of longterm lockdowns and partial lockdowns is being weighed in consideration of known facts about COVID? What I'm seeing is fawning deference to one side only, economics being ignored and consequences not being considered and we are given ZERO justification for this behavior.

    As a result of that, I'm seeing all over the internet two camps of people: Those who question the response and those who blindly follow it as if these political figures were holy men, beyond question.
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