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33 False Claims About Virus Trump Has Told the USA in March

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  • 33 False Claims About Virus Trump Has Told the USA in March

    President Donald Trump began March with a barrage of false claims about the coronavirus pandemic -- understating the extent of the crisis, overstating the availability of tests, inaccurately blaming his predecessor and wrongly insisting that the crisis was unforeseen.

    Trump made 50 false claims from March 2 through March 8, then 21 false claims from March 9 through March 15. Of those 71 false claims, 33 were related to the coronavirus. That is on top of some additional misleading claims from Trump about the coronavirus (we only count the false claims here), plus some false and misleading claims from members of his administration.

    Trump is now averaging about 57 false claims per week since we started counting at CNN on July 8, 2019. From that date through March 15, he has made 2,062 false claims in all.

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    The most egregious false claim: The availability of coronavirus tests

    On March 6, as doctors and health officials around the country were reporting a shortage of coronavirus tests, Trump said, "Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That's what the bottom line is."

    In reality, Americans needed authorization from a doctor to get tested -- and even many people who did have a doctor's order could not get access.

    This was Trump deceiving the country about one of the most critical problems of the crisis.


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      Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
      I thought you said to keep things on a single thread and spare the eyes of forum viewers rather than make multiple threads and bombard the listing? Doesn't this belong on the "Trump is a liar" or similar thread?


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        Originally posted by nyuKKK

        I thought you said to keep things on a single thread and spare the eyes of forum viewers rather than make multiple threads and bombard the listing? Doesn't this belong on the "Trump is a liar" or similar thread?
        Translation: "Evidence of tRump's unfitness, incompetence and corruption is accumulating faster than I (and Fox News) can counter it with spin, lies and bull****."

        Boo hoo!


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          Okay folks, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that yesterday’s press conference was the most surreal thing that I have ever seen in real life. The POTUS suggesting that we reopen everything will ensure the spread of the virus nationally at the high range of projected infection rates.....which are in the 80% range.

          Well 0.8 x 340M Americans = 272 MILLION sick Americans. And even if the fatality rate is at the low range estimate of 1% (Italy’s is significantly higher), 272M sick Americans x 0.01 = 2,720,000 DEAD Americans.

          If hospitals are overwhelmed, this number will be significantly higher.

          This nation has never seen death on that scale, ever. Not in all of our wars combined.

          Watch our old people? Without antivirals, a vaccine or a cure? We don’t even have sufficient ventilators to treat them. We would simply be watching them die, and in very very large numbers.

          To prioritize economic concerns right now is unconscionable.
          — William Klutes —


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            Trump just gave a disastrous coronavirus town hall full of misinformation that could kill thousands

            President Donald Trump made a host of unsubstantiated claims about the threat posed by the coronavirus and announced his intent to scale back federal guidelines on social distancing by April 12 during a Tuesday "virtual town hall" on Fox News.

            Trump repeatedly downplayed the public-health threat posed by the pandemic and insisted without evidence that more Americans would die if the country remains on lockdown than if the economy reopens and the virus spreads more widely.



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              Coronavirus Data Is Being Concealed by the Trump Administration

              Click image for larger version

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              Just yesterday, we learned that the White House has held dozens of meetings on coronavirus that were considered “classified,” meaning that federal health officials, including experts, were unable to enter the room. Without experts in the room, how can we expect our government to follow the best available science on this rapidly developing issue and enact science-based policies that protect our health and safety during this pandemic?

              When it comes to the novel coronavirus, it is imperative that the US government report robust scientific information about where the disease is spreading, how to control the spread of the disease, and who is most at risk of serious illness. People’s lives are literally on the line.


              As I reported before, the Trump administration has hollowed out the federal government to such an extent that we are severely lacking in capable scientific leadership, resources, and expertise to guide us through the crisis posed by this novel coronavirus outbreak. And as my colleague Michael Halpern has pointed out, the administration is also engaging in a strategy that restricts the ability of scientists from directly communicating important information to the public on COVID-19.

              But what perhaps is more startling is that the Trump administration may be also trying to keep us in the dark about the true extent of the spread of this serious illness.

              When visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last Friday, President Trump openly admitted that this is exactly what he wants. President Trump, when discussing the passengers aboard the Grand Princess – the cruise ship previously stationed off of San Francisco for a mandatory quarantine – said that “I would rather have them stay on, personally,” adding that it was “because I like the numbers being where they are… I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”


              It is well known that the CDC badly bungled the rollout of the coronavirus test kits and there continues to be severe shortages of test kits around the country. The lack of available test kits leaves us unable to accurately gauge how extensive the spread of COVID-19 in the US truly is. The Trump administration’s botched decision making structure appeared to play a major part in worsening the test kit shortage crisis. For instance, while the kinks in the US’ version of the test were being worked out, political officials failed to consider using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) kits to test people for the novel coronavirus.

              Worse yet, some health data has been concealed from the public. The CDC’s website on the COVID-19 outbreak previously reported epidemiological data which showed the number of people who were tested for the novel coronavirus and the number of deaths attributed to the disease. The data was once featured prominently in a continuously updated table, as can be seen in an archived version from March 1.

              Additionally, the CDC’s running tally of reported cases is now falling far behind the number of US cases tracked by Johns Hopkins and even lags behind the European Union’s estimate of US cases. Official data is now so lacking on the number of people tested in the US that the Atlantic carried out its own epidemiological analysis to find out the numbers. They found that over 4,000 people had been tested in the US, which utterly pales to countries like the UK where over 24,000 people and South Korea where over 100,000 people have been tested.

              Attempts to censor the scientists

              The White House continues to try and impede scientists from reporting the best available scientific information on COVID-19 to the public. According to AP News, White House officials ordered that a CDC plan on controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus remove certain science-based information. In the plan, experts from the CDC had recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans not to fly on commercial airlines because of the threat posed by the novel coronavirus; however, the White House required that this portion be removed.

              Thankfully, this hasn’t stopped prominent health officials from providing this information to the public. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, was able to get this message out to the public via a press conference on March 9. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, provided similar advice on news talk shows over the weekend.



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                Given that Trump is lying constantly, I'll have to update this thread at the end of the month, I guess. I doubt that any president in history has faced the prospect of the press refusing to cover his live events because he is such a liar, especially in a time of crisis.

                I can just imagine Trump after Pearl Harbor. "Yeah, well, we've got the Japs shut down. Believe me, It's all over. I have tremendous control over it, but no, I don't take any responsibility for it. We can blame this on California."


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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Originally posted by nyuk nyuk View Post

                    I thought you said to keep things on a single thread and spare the eyes of forum viewers rather than make multiple threads and bombard the listing? Doesn't this belong on the "Trump is a liar" or similar thread?
                    As Roh says "FLOOD THE ZONE"


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                      Trump continues to spew misinformation:


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