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"Im sorry i cant do this" omg.

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  • "Im sorry i cant do this" omg.

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    is there some VALUE for us to glean from this posting ?


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      Originally posted by ShaneFalco View Post
      Dude has a panic attack trying to speak publically about the changes to voting locations, as the party is closing them because they don't have enough supplies to clean ALL the places that had been scheduled. So some people are speculating it is to supress Bernie voters, without any evidence to back that up. The reason for closing some locations and then opening every remaining location so anyone can vote at any location is the corona virus. Now it will cause some confusion agreed, and that is a shame. But because the machines have touch screens they have to have adequate supplies to ensure the health of the voters. And for those dropping off pre filled ballots
      they could also MAIL them or drop them off tomorrow.

      More Republican BS trying to scare democratic voters that there is a conspiracy to steal the election. Bernie is down 20 points in AZ. He is going to lose no matter what.