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Roger Stone railroaded by hostile, biased jury foreman?

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  • Roger Stone railroaded by hostile, biased jury foreman?

    Turns out the jury foreman in Stone's trial has a now-uncovered long history of politically hostile social media which Stone's lawyers impugn (and I think accurately so) her ability to fair and partial. Some of her responses to the jury questionnaire have also emerged and they directly contradict her beforehand knowledge of the Stone case and Mueller investigations based on her social media history as well as her political activism.

    She has branded Trump supporters as racists and has celebrated convictions of Trump associates in Mueller-connected trials. At first look, it would seem likely that her political beliefs and activities would jeopardize Stone's ability to receive a fair verdict from her. The woman is up to her ears in political hostility and partiality. I can't imagine her getting onto a jury if defending counsel knew of her online activities.

    Juror 1261 in Roger Stone's case: Was justice undone?

    She referred to the President with a hashtag of “klanpresident” and spoke out against “Trump and the white supremacist racists.” She posted about how she and others protested outside a Trump hotel and shouted, “Shame, shame, shame!” When profanities were projected on the Trump hotel, she exclaimed on Jan. 13, 2018, “Gotta love it.” On March 24, 2019, she shared a Facebook post — no longer public — while calling attention to “the numerous indictments, guilty pleas, and convictions of people in 45’s inner-circle.”

    More worrisome are her direct references to Stone, including a retweeted post, in January 2019, from Bakari Sellers, again raising racist associations and stating that “Roger Stone has y’all talking about reviewing use of force guidelines.” She also described Trump supporters such as Stone as racists and Putin cronies.
    Click here for more info on her social media posts with screenshots.

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    The jury has spoken.


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      What about the other 11 jurors? All this proves is that Stone hired a ****ty lawyer who didn't do his homework for voir dire. H A !

      The brief examination in the voir dire hearing shows that Hart did disclose her ties to the Democratic Party. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson asked if Hart’s political history would prevent her from being fair, and Hart assured her it would not.

      Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham told the Chief Justice the same thing.

      Click image for larger version

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